Down on the Farm!


Cows, and pigs, and chicks, oh my! If you haven’t got your daily dose of cute today, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. From just-hatched baby birds to fuzzy sheep (like Christina F.’s colorful version, top left), see how adorable barnyard animals inspire the lastest flock of precious nail designs.


Wilber, is that you? Amy S. painted simple, sweet pig faces on three of her digits. She decorated the other two fingertips with polka dot prints in the same pink polish shades.


Got milk? Shorifa B. replicated a cow’s classic black and white pattern on her nails. For the accent thumb she drew a cute face, complete with a rosy snout. 


Birds of a feather flock together! Just in time for Easter, Naxy N. adorned her nails with furry spring chicks. She re-created the just-hatched look by turning her French manicured tips into cracked egg shells.