How To Make a Big Hair Bun: 3 Simple Techniques


Second to the ponytail, the bun is the easiest updo to master. Whether you want to look effortlessly chic, elegant, or sexy, most styles can be achieved in less than five minutes. Plus, even if you have shorter strands, there are simple methods for creating the illusion of a larger knot. Check out how these three members created their own beautiful buns.

High-Fashion Messy Bun


A bit of back-combing can add volume to your bun. The traditional twist and wrap-around method may require more bobby pins, but it is classically elegant. See how Foxy Locks X perfects the style below.

How To Make A Big Hair Bun: High-Fashion Messy Bun

Hair Tutorial: Lauren Conrad-Inspired Top Bun


A hair doughnut or a DIY sock wrap is great for thickening your bun and keeping strands neatly tucked away. See how Jessica rolls her strands up for a perfectly polished ballerina ’do.

How To Make A Big Hair Bun:Lauren Conrad-Inspired

Quick & Messy Bun/Updo


Looping large sections of hair around the base adds texture to your bun. Be sure to tease you locks (and reposition them, if needed) after pinning to fill in any gaps in the bun’s structure. Learn tips from LuxyHair X on how to create a gorgeous messy style.

How To Make A Big Hair Bun: Quick  & Messy Bun

What do you think of the these ways to make a hair bun? Let us know and share yours in the comments below!