Double-Winged Eye Liner


Valua Vitaly/

Twice as nice! We've already shown you extreme cat eyes and fairy-winged effects, but there's another popular eye liner trend: Double wings! Beauties, many of you have already mastered a slew of creative ways to rock the eye-catching flourishes, so we rounded up a few of our favorite inspirational styles.

Bec W.

Bec rocked a neon rainbow effect complete with the most popular double-winged effect, which features a white shadow in between the two wings to highlight the small gap.

Tereska H.

Instead of opting for a split effect, Tereska connected her lower blue liner and upper eye liner yellow liner in one seamless swoop. We adore her use of eye-popping primary pastels!

Britney R.

Britney sported a mirrored wing effect. She replicated and reflected the classic bold cat eye on the lower lash which created a fish-like shape. For more wow factor, she added small dots and a third wing in a vibrant orange hue.