The 4 Elements of Beauty

Ever get inspired by the elements? The celestial forces of fire, water, air, and earth have certainly influenced artists throughout history, and makeup design is no exception. From the pale blue, cloudy shades of the sky to the bronze, earthy terrain, everyone has their favorite mythical color palette. This is elemental beauty, brought to you by the Beautylish community.

Claiming the coolest color palette of all the elements, air is known for its icy pastel shades. We’re entranced by the fairy-like, ethereal faces designed by Marjo H. (left) and Arleene T. (center). If you’re into a more atmospheric interpretation of the element, we love Kirsten G.’s silver, prismatic nails (top)! Craving a simpler, more delicate design? Try Claudia C.’s breezy blue glitter manicure (bottom).

Whether from the sea or the sink, the aquatic hues of H20 are a treat for the face! To replicate bubbling textures under the ocean, Angie B. (bottom) paints a turquoise glitter gradient on her tips. We’re reminded of sunlight’s interaction with water when gazing at Mary S.’s sapphire marbled mani. But the eyes certainly have it—Kiana S. (left) and Stacey D. (center) take aqua-inspired to the next level with added oceanic elements and textures.

Reminiscent of the iridescent bronze and verdant textures found deep in the ground and growing on land, these ladies use flora and fauna as their muse. Kristiana Z. (left) and Julia C. (bottom) get animalistic with doe- and feather-inspired patterns decorating their faces. Mimicking the multi-tonal shades found in soil, Joanna F. (center) smokes out her eyes with a green brown shadow and Kelly K. (top) creates a similar effect on her nails with a duo-chrome top coat.

Embers ablaze! Saturated shades of red, orange, and yellow interweave with sparkling charcoal. Jess R. (left) takes fire forms literally, creating a curvilinear flame mask around her eyes. Michelle O. (center) and Catherine G. (bottom) keep things subtle with a hint of crimson and copper in the center of their peepers. For an inferno-inspired manicure, Maryam M. (top) paints thin, flaming stripes on her fingertips.

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