Hello, Yellow!


Here comes the sun! From citron to mustard, Beauties are brightening up their lids with a splash of the warm color. Ola S. (bottom, left) neatly layered the hot hue with a complementing orange shade. Then she used a yellow and white liner along the lower lash line to create a subtle double-winged effect. Elina S. (top) lightened up her smoky eye—sans glitter! Adding contrast to her yellow lids with a thick black liner, she gave her citron peepers a sexy smolder with a dusting of chocolate shadow above her crease. But the best spot to show off the hot hue? Inside your inner corners! Switch up the traditional tear duct tints—such as shimmering white or sparkling champagne—with a chartreuse version like Georgia Y. (bottom, right). The funky color opens your peepers and blends well with a rainbow of shocking shades such as magenta or neon green.