The Coolest Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Makeup Looks


It's no surprise that sugar skulls have taken over the online makeup world as the Halloween face to try. Sugar skull makeup combines elaborate color palette, fine shading details, and exaggerated anatomy paying tribute to the sweet, skull-ptural altar offerings honoring the deceased during the Day of the Dead.

The cheerful, color-happy cranials have been a part of tattoo culture for ages, but recently the Aztec sculpture has transcended into a new medium, seeping onto the skin in the form of temporary face makeup.

We've seen a bevy of different versions, but all display a similar affinity for strong color with delicate linework similar to the original. The attention to color and form has us impressed—no, captivated—by the talent we've encountered on Beautylish. Dehsarae M.'s calavera lights her amber eyes on fire, while Kiki X.'s skull candy and Angie M.'s tattoo stencils are the definition of the anatomical avant-garde.

Sugar Skull Makeup with Glitter

Skull Candy

Blanche's Skull

Skull Tattoo Stencil

Briana's Skull

Which is your favorite sugar skull? Make sure to post a photo if you try your own!