Cupcake Nails!


Got a sweet tooth? Indulge in a delicious manicure that's calorie-free! From shimmering sprinkles to rainbow-colored frosting, see how Beauties are adorning their digits with these delectable desserts.

Round or squoval nail shapes provide the perfect canvas for frosting-inspired tips. Monica M. (top right) and Naxy N. (top left) showed off their saccharine French manicures, while Maricel D. (bottom right) kept her cupcake just below the ends with a cherry on top!

Instead of a baker’s dozen or more, these Beauties opted for just one or two sugary accents.Sarah E. (bottom right) treated herself to a glittering birthday mani with one adorable sprinkle-filled dessert on her ring finger. Lynn R. and Chelsea T. (bottom left, top left) incorporated different textures and patterns with their desserts, but their accent cupcake nail were still the sweetest statement on their fingertips.

One sweet set! These Beauties kept their fingertips prim and pretty with 10 perfectly matching digits. Stephanie V. (left) and Amber J. (bottom right) filled their tips with pretty cupcake wrappers, while Malika J. (bottom left) demonstrated the perfect way to rock the pastry on short nails.

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