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  • Light Up Your Life: Highlighter 101

    Light Up Your Life: Highlighter 101

    Fake your way to glowing, perfect skin with these quick and easy tips on choosing and using highlighter.

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  • April Showers! Three Wet-Weather Hairstyles That Can Get Rained On
    • 1493

    April Showers! Three Wet-Weather Hairstyles That Can Get Rained On 

    Is it pouring out? We designed these easy wet-and-set hairstyles to take advantage of the rainy spring weather.

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  • Drag Queen Tips: Cook Your Face!
    • 3287

    Drag Queen Tips: Cook Your Face!

    Take a tip from the world’s most famous drag queens and “cook” your concealer for a long-lasting, flawless finish.

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  • How to Build the Perfect Palette For You
    • 1964

    How to Build the Perfect Palette For You

    Custom shades, good value, and no wasted product—what’s not to love?

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  • The Five-Day Blowout

    The Five-Day Blowout

    Hate when your sleek style becomes limp or frizzy in less than 24 hours? If you splurged on a visit to the salon or took the time to create a polished mane, you want to extend the life of your beautiful blowout. Keep reading as we share simple tips for keeping your tresses fresh for up to five days—without rewashing!

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  • How To: Blue Sky Manicure

    How To: Blue Sky Manicure

    Hello, sunshine! Celebrate the Spring season with a picture-perfect day on your fingertips. Keep reading for an easy tutorial on how to re-create this cheerful blue sky manicure.

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  • Thoughtful Holiday Gift-Giving

    Thoughtful Holiday Gift-Giving

    It’s easy to treat your friends and family to gorgeous holiday beauty sets, but what if you wanted to give more meaningful presents this season? Learn three ways a beauty lover can earn some extra karma points for the holidays.

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  • 3 Ways to Wear Iced Shades
    • 201

    3 Ways to Wear Iced Shades

    How do you incorporate the season's frosty colors and textures without looking like you’re frozen to the bone? We recommend the best ways to capture winter’s icier side.

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  • Mandatory Pre-Date Prep

    Mandatory Pre-Date Prep

    No time to primp? Keep reading to see Beautylish's guide of quick and easy ways to cut down your glam routine but still make a pretty impression.

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  • Real Red-Eye Reduction
    • 173

    Real Red-Eye Reduction

    Don't you hate it when bloodshot eyes ruin a perfectly good photo? With the holiday party season in full swing and the cameras clicking away, there's no time to be in the red. Learn tips and tricks to banish the bloodshot look.

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  • How To Master The Matte Lip
    • 698

    How To Master The Matte Lip

    Muah! Red, fuchsia, and peachy-orange shades can look even more eye popping in a matte texture. Keep reading for tips on the perfect way to paint your shine-free pout.

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  • Be Nice To Your Makeup
    • 295

    Be Nice To Your Makeup

    We poke, we prod, we smudge—sometimes, we’re downright rude to our precious products. But bad beauty manners no more! Learn tips and tricks to treat your makeup and skin care products with a little more respect.

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  • Find Your Face Shape
    • 1711

    Find Your Face Shape

    Many misdiagnose their facial features, so we're here to set the record straight. Learn an easy way to find out what kind of face you're working with using a mirror and a marker.

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  • Salon Shoptalk
    • 230

    Salon Shoptalk

    Ever leave the salon feeling disappointed with the results? It could be a case of miscommunication. Keep reading to get the breakdown of commonly misused hair lingo.

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  • Zombie-O-Rama!
    • 116


    It’s the time of year for ghosts, witches, and flesh-eating zombies! With Halloween coming very soon, Beautylish’s Jasmine transforms herself for a zombie crawl that will make you quiver in fear. Keep reading to see her exposed zombie brains!

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  • Rave-Ready Makeup

    Rave-Ready Makeup

    Raves were popular in the ‘90s and they’re still going strong in the new millennium, glow sticks and light shows galore! Learn how to amp up your dance-floor look without piling on heavy, sweat-inducing makeup and hair products.

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  • Smelly Foot Solutions
    • 609

    Smelly Foot Solutions

    Summer may be officially over, but you’re still enjoying every sandal-weather opportunity you have. Unfortunately, sweat and bacteria on your toes can create an unpleasant stench. Discover quick tips and tricks to keep foot odor at bay.

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  • What Makes A Haircut Good?
    • 369

    What Makes A Haircut Good?

    Knowing which haircut to choose, or what cut is perfect for you, is a hard decision for any girl to make. We spoke with some experts to find out how to determine what a great cut looks like, what you should ask for, and how to make sure you're getting the best cut for your face and lifestyle.

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