4 Steps to Smooth, Healthy Lips


With the weather getting chillier and chillier, it’s inevitable that our skin and lips will need more attention in the coming months. In an effort to get spa-perfect lips without breaking the bank, we gave the Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit a go. If you’re anything like us and love to wear matte lipstick throughout the fall and winter, it’s the perfect way to prep your canvas (and give your lips a little some extra TLC!)

In the kit, you get four products you use in four quick steps, modeled after Bliss’s famous in-spa treatment of the same name (in the spa version, there’s a scrub, gentle peel, plumping collagen mask, and a “lip wax” to finish). We were pretty thrilled with the results, especially for an at-home treatment! For $45 a pop and less than five minutes, we were pretty thrilled with the results, especially for an at-home treatment. Follow along and see for yourself! 

1: Clean and Prep

Clean and prep lips

It may sound silly, but you first want to cleanse the lips to get any residue off. Squeeze 1–2 drops of the Foaming Lip Cleanser into hands and apply the product all over lips. Let it set for 20–30 seconds, and enjoy the hint of orange scent and flavor! The product will look like a gel at first; once you see a foam start to form, rinse your lips with water. You’ll lift away impurities and ready your lips for the benefits to come.

2: Exfoliate and Smooth

Exfoliate and smooth

Next, you’ll exfoliate with the Sugar Lip Scrub, which is made of finely granulated sugar, almond, and walnut shells. Apply to the lips in a light circular motion using your finger. The fine texture of the grains makes it super easy to rub in—then, wipe the remaining scrub off with a damp washcloth. This step feels amazing, and all flakiness will be long gone! 

3: Plump


If your lips are really sensitive, you can skip this optional step. But if you’re going out and want your lips to look fuller, the Instant Lip Plumper is ideal. It has the feel of a cool, minty gloss and is formulated with cork tree extract and a peptide complex to plump up your lips. The thickness of the products helps give the illusion of fuller lips, too. 

4: Condition


Bliss’s classic lip balm is the perfect finishing touch. Shea butter, jojoba, and grapeseed oils hydrate and lock in the soft texture left over from all of the other steps. Apply as needed throughout the day to moisturize and add shine. Overnight, it works beautifully, too. 

After running through these steps, you'll be flake-free and ready for any color or gloss you want! (If you’re a DIY-er, we have you covered—try this scrub followed by this at-home balm recipe for instant smoothness.)

Smooth and healthy lips!

_How do you keep your lips feeling great when it’s cold out? Share your tips in the comments below!  _

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