How to Clean Your Makeup!


Have you ever wondered how clean (or dirty) your makeup is? We already know makeup counter testing samples are a breeding ground for who-knows-what, but what about the stuff we use everyday at home? Cosmetics have a shelf life, and even before their expiration date, products can grow bacteria—which in turn can cause irritation and even infections on your skin, eyes, etc.

That's why we love BeautySoClean's chemical-free makeup sanitizers, which are easy to use and loved by pros. And unlike pure alcohol or a simple water-diluted version of alcohol, the formula won't dry out creams or powders or alter pigments in any way. The company has done its due diligence to find the right balance of alcohol plus nourishing emollients, so incorporating them into your routine will help ensure safer products and healthier skin. Here, we explain how to use the line—which won't dry out cosmetics—to keep different types of products bacteria-free and safe.

Products in Compacts

(powder or cream eye shadow, blush, bronzer, concealer, etc.)

How to clean your makeup: eye shadows, blush and bronzers

Use: Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist | Shop the product

The spray-on sanitizer helps to remove bacteria (oils that have built up over time) from any compact-based product. Keep in mind that powder compacts that haven’t been sanitized properly can change in texture or dry up over time. BeautySoClean won’t be able to fix what’s already been damaged, but it can help to protect new compacts from going bad!

Step 1: Hold mist about 6 inches from the product surface. Spray once.
Step 2: Let it set for 10 seconds.

That’s it! Your makeup is now sanitized and safe for use. The mist is available in three sizes, all of which last a long time:
• 8 ml: 70 sprays, 3 months
• 120 ml: 750 sprays,  3 months (regular, professional use) 
• 250 ml: 1,500 sprays, 6 months (regular, professional use)

Products in Pots, Tubs, or Tubes

(lipstick, lip gloss, mascara wands, pencils)

How to clean your makeup: lipstick, mascara wands, lip and eye pencils

use: Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes | Shop the product

The wipes are made from the same formula as the mist, but designed especially for makeup items that residue might stick to—like lipgloss and mascara wands, lipsticks, etc. And the material is "non-woven," unlike, say, tissues, so it won't leave remnants behind on the product (which might happen on say, a lipstick, if you sprayed and wiped it with a tissue). In particular, lip glosses with wand applicators are at risk for attracting bacteria. After eating and reapplying gloss, food particles that were stuck to your lips (bacteria included) might end up pushed to the bottom of the tube, contaminating the product. Yikes. Bonus: using the wipes helps mascara go on clump-free!

Step 1: Wrap one wipe around your product, and thoroughly wipe from base to tip.
Step 2: Let it set for 10 seconds.

Done! Your product is clean and ready for use. Wipes are available in packs of 48 and 200

Note: BeautySoClean recommends sanitizing your products everyday before application. Doing so will keep your makeup clean, safer to use, and help it last longer.