How to Care for Your Wayne Goss, The Collection Brushes (According To Wayne!)


You can have the largest collection of makeup, but without great brushes, it’s hard to achieve the perfect look. Which is why it’s important to use, care for, and clean yours the right way. Especially if you invest in a set as luxurious as Wayne Goss, The Collection. As you all know, these brushes are top of the line, and made with the softest natural hair bristles to ensure they‘ll never irritate even sensitive skin. But that also means they’re delicate, so you have to be extra gentle when it comes to not only using them, but cleaning them. Don’t worry, Wayne‘s recommended cleaning process is easy, and you don’t have to do it as often as you think! In this video, he shares his cleansing routine for The Collection (yep, brushes he designed!) as well as a helpful hint (starting at 2:06) to check if your brushes are shedding or releasing hairs.

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