2 Tricks For Removing Glitter Nail Polish


How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

There’s something extra special about glitter-adorned nails. Whether it’s a full set or one glitzy accent nail, we’re smitten with the sparkly trend. The only thing we don’t love is the almost-impossible-to-take-off formula. With the holidays just around the corner—the season for shimmer—we set out to find an easy way how to remove glitter nail polish. (There's the old aluminum foil method, too, but it's time-consuming.)

“Glitter nail polish can be difficult to remove because of its texture. There’s less lacquer in it and more glitter particles which adhere to the nail bed,” Essie manicurist Michelle Saunders explains. And while the fun of wearing glitter outweighs the hassle of having to take it off, you will still have to remove it at some point! Here are two ways to do it, the first from Saunders and the second from Beautylish member Olivia F

Below are two methods for removing glitter polish Saunders shares four easy steps to getting glitter off your nails—fast. 

Glitter Removal Method 1: Let It Soak

You Will Need

• cotton pads
• acetone
• cuticle oil


Steps to remove glitter nail polish

1: With a cotton pad soaked in acetone, press firmly on the nail bed for at least 30 seconds.

2: Then wipe thoroughly. If you don't get all of the polish off, repeat. Be patient! It takes a little effort to remove glitter.

3: Use a new cotton pad for each nail and repeat steps 1 and 2.

4: Wash hands immediately and apply cuticle oil to the nail beds ASAP! 

Glitter Removal Method 2: Use or Make a Peel-Off Basecoat

We also came across this awesome idea from our community member Olivia F (see video below, too). We love the idea of being able to peel off the polish when it's time to remove it. You can make your own, as outlined below, or simply use a peel-off nail polish as your basecoat when doing a glitter mani (We recommend Sula Paint & Peel.) 

You Will Need

• White school glue, like Elmer's 
• Empty nail polish bottle
• Water
• Optional: small funnel 


1: Take the empty nail polish bottle and clean it thoroughly. To do this, put a bit of nail polish remover inside, swish it around, and wash out with hot water. Let dry.

2: Fill 1/3 of the bottle with glue.

3: Add some water in with the glue. If you want the texture to be thicker, use less water. For a thinner formula, add more water. You can experiment for a consistency you like. 

4: Put the top back on the bottle and shake it until the water and glue are mixed together.

5: Apply the mixture the same way you would a regular basecoat, but be sure to let all your nails dry completely (about 5 minutes) before topping with your glitter polish.

6: When you're done with your glitter polish, just pick up an edge and peel off. It should come off in one piece, or a couple of big pieces. Olivia demonstrates this starting at 1:15 in the video. So easy! 

7: Pick up any leftover bits with acetone or regular remover. 

You won't be able to notice any difference in the way that your nails look. Just keep in mind that if you use a topcoat, that will make peeling off a little more difficult. Also, with a peel-off basecoat, your mani will probably only last a few days without chips (versus, say, a week with regular basecoat.) If you want to add some glitter for a weekend trip or night out, definitely try out this method!

If you've got other ideas let us know how you remove glitter polish!

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