Quick Hair Styles For The Beach


When throwing on a bikini and packing your beach bag, you hardly have time to think about styling your hair. With these simple updos, your beach hair style will be a no brainer. 

A scarf or bandana is a fantastic option for the beach! Throw your hair back into a ballerina bun and tie one around your head. Especially good for girls with bangs (you can just tuck them back into the band). And there are a myriad of fun ways to tie your scarf so you can get creative!

This is a great updo when you're heading to the beach. Simply part hair on the side, take a small section at the front and start braiding. When finished, pull the plait back into a pony with the rest of your hair. 

Before you hit the waves, make sure to wrap the pony into a bun so that when you emerge and your hair dries, you have loose beachy waves. 

Another braided option that looks hard to do is actually very simple. 

Part hair in the center and braid each side. Pull each plait over your head and secure with bobby pins. Pull strands of hair out around your face to create a looser style. 

When in a hurry with no time to even slip in a bobby pin, a simple braid is a safe bet. For a beachy twist, plait loosely rather than pulling your hair tight and leave a quarter of your hair unbraided when securing the elastic. This makes the style more casual and less childish.