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  • How to Cover Up a Tattoo
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    How to Cover Up a Tattoo

    Have any tattoos you want to cover up for the upcoming warm weather season? Beautylish asks New York City Makeup Artist Michelle Coursey for the best tips and tricks on how to conceal tattoos flawlessly for special events. Keep reading for a full step-by-step and to see which of your favorite celebs sport the coolest tattoo!

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  • Apply Foundation Like A Pro

    Apply Foundation Like A Pro

    Le Métier de Beauté Director Mikey Castillo and trainer/makeup artist Erin Lockard gives Beautylish the lowdown on how to achieve a flawless, non-cakey foundation coverage for Spring!

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  • Spring Cleaning Part 3: Nail Tools

    Spring Cleaning Part 3: Nail Tools

    It's time for Part 3 of the Beautylish Spring Cleaning series: nail tools! For tips on how to best clean, sterilize, and store your nail polish and tools, Beautylish spoke with Rescue Beauty Lounge founder and notorious germ-phobe Ji Baek. She even reveals how to clean nail polish off of your clothes!

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  • Split End Solutions for Healthy Long Hair
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    Split End Solutions for Healthy Long Hair

    Blake Lively’s colorist Rona O’Connor shares her healthy, long hair tips (the same ones she taught Blake!) with Beautylish.

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  • Allergy-Proof Your Beauty Routine

    Allergy-Proof Your Beauty Routine

    March brings wonky weather and the beginning of allergy season. Sneezing, coughing, water, rubbing, itching—we've all seen redness and irritation play out on our faces as a result of allergen overload. Keep reading solutions for keeping your makeup picture-perfect during allergy season.

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  • De-Stress Your Skin During Exams

    De-Stress Your Skin During Exams

    For students on the quarter system, final exams are fast approaching. The thought of project deadlines, difficult material, and last minute cramming can wreak havoc on your face. Keep reading for tips on how to de-stress from New York City based dermatologist and board certified psychiatrist Dr. Amy Wechsler.

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  • 3 Ways to Moisturize Dry Winter Hands

    3 Ways to Moisturize Dry Winter Hands

    Beauties, are your hands parched? The dry weather can turn once-smooth palms into dull, cracked, and flaky mitts! Keep reading for three easy ways to get soft and moisturized hands during the cold months.

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  • Eye Makeup Contouring 101 with Matthew VanLeeuwen
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    Eye Makeup Contouring 101 with Matthew VanLeeuwen

    Beautylish Beauty Director Ning checks out the Elizabeth Arden Oscars mobile beauty suite and gets a makeover from celebrity makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen. Keep reading for Matthew's tips on contouring eyelids, even if you have monolids like Ning.

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  • 3 Steps to Refresh Your Hair Style
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    3 Steps to Refresh Your Hair Style

    Dry shampoo is a hairstylist’s secret weapon. It gives hairstyles extra body, refreshes blowouts, and fixes greasy roots. But before there was dry shampoo, there was a simpler solution: Baby Powder. Here are updated tips on how to use baby powder to style your hair.

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