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Does an alright job

I don't think this product is really a necessary step for me. What it does do, is add volume. It's great if you have a favorite mascara, but want a little more volume or want more of a false lash look. It doesn't add a lot, if any length to my lashes. So I only use it occasionally, when I want super massive lashes! If you have short, thin lashes, this product may work wonders for you. Since I have naturally long, thick lashes, it doesn't make much of a difference.

A must have!

Considering how hard it is to find neon eyeshadows, I think Sleek really hit the nail on the head with this one. You need to have the patience to work with them, and for the best results you need a sticky base, such as NYX jumbo pencils. They are slightly powdery, but if you know how to work with them, the results will be amazing. You really won't find neons like this by any drugstore anytime soon!

Not an OCC dupe.

I wanted to try one of these, because I heard they were being called similar to OCC lip tars, so I thought it'd be awesome if it was a great dupe for a much lower price! Well, it's not. When I tried to apply this, it went on very streaky and uneven, not opaque like a lip tar. It seemed quite sticky and took a while to dry down to the point where I could try to add another coat. They are very highly scented as well. Mine had some sort of weird, orange/chocolate smell to it, which was a huge turn off. Unfortunately I would not purchase another of these, I actually gave mine away to a friend because I knew I was never going to touch it again. If you want Lip Tar awesomeness, an OCC lip tar is the only place you'll find it!

This will NEVER work for me.

I've gotten a few samples of this from my UD orders, and each time I get it, I try to give it another shot, but it's just not for me at all. Even though it's supposed to be a BB cream, and it's even a little more sheer than a typical BB cream, it is far too dark for my complexion. Even once I blended it into my skin, I felt like I could still see a tint of it, and it just does not look right. I also am not a huge fan of the smell at all. If they did offer it in different shades, I probably still wouldn't want to try it because of the smell!

I love VS lipsticks, because they give you options. Each color has the ability to be worn light, and sheered down, or you can apply it super opaque for full coverage. I also find them to be not as drying as other lipsticks. Not exactly hydrating, but I my lips don't feel like I've spent hours in a desert after I wear them. Also, you can add a gloss if you want, but you definitely don't have to. It's really an all-in-one lipstick!


I have quite a few of these shadows (as well as the deluxe shadow palette) and I haven't been disappointed yet! While UD's regular shadows are incredibly creamy, well pigmented, and easy to work with, they deluxe eyeshadows are all of that times ten! I didn''t think it was possible, but UD out did themselves on these! All of the colors I have are gorgeous, and have amazing depth to them. There's not a single flat-looking, single colored shadow in the collection.


First of all, I think these shadows are GORGEOUS! The micro-glitter looks amazing, simply mesmerizing! However, they are a bit tricky to apply. I also find that I get s LOT of fall out from these. It's not just glitter, the color itself just does not want to stick. Blending is nearly impossible, because it all just comes off when you try to blend it out! Once you manage to get it applied (however that happens to work out) they look so pretty. And another noteworthy feature is the unique packaging! You squeeze the sides and the plastic top pops open! I'm a sucker for little features and details like that!

Loving it!

This is basically everything I didn't want. I wanted a powder highlighter, in a pearly white color, not champagne. However, I got a mini of it with my Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift, and it turns out I actually love it. A lot! Typical 'champagne' colors tend to be too dark as a highlight for me, since I am extremely fair. But this one is so sheer and light, it works. It's easy to glide on exactly where you want it, rub it in with your finger, and it disappears, and gorgeously reflects light. A universally flattering highlighter, I can see myself forgetting what I thought I wanted, and sticking with this product!

So lovelyyy!

As soon as I saw this advertised, I knew It needed to be in my collection. However, while these are all 'new' shadows from UD, they are all pretty similar to some of their other, or past shadows. I don't see anything that shouts 'WHOA I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE' in this palette. Buttt, my collection is quite extensive. lol. Anyways, I quite enjoy using this palette, but I don't reach for it as much as I thought I would. I'll usually go to do my makeup, pick something up, and go 'oh, I could use my Vice palette for this' I do love the mix of colors and finishes in this. I've never been able to really say this before, but I think I could travel with JUST this palette, and be able to do whatever I wanted and be happy with it. I've noticed a few shades, (Penny Lane, Junkie, Provocateur) apply insanely different than they look in the pan, color wise, which was a surprise to me. However all of them seem to blend okay, which is one of my main concerns. I wish it had come with either one brush, two brushes, or not a brush at all though. Double ended brushes are extremely annoying. While it works just fine, I never reach for it, because I can't keep it in my brush cup! Argh! All in all though, This is a beautiful palette. I love having it in my collection!

  • 0.5
Applies like a dream.

I am loving every minute of this foundation. It's so light, and applies like a dream. Plus they make a shade that actually matches me quite well! Which is extremely difficult for me to find! It'll give you a gorgeous, airbrushed looking finish, without any heavy feeling makeup. I love that I can buff it into my skin, and it dries down almost within seconds. The coverage is pretty medium, but it can be layered and made into a heavier coverage foundation, without it looking like you have layers of makeup on. I actually DID purchase the full size of this foundation after trying out a sample, and it's been one of my best purchases recently! It also does not make my skin oily, or transfer/fade through out the day. I do prefer a matte finish, and I'd say this is more of a satin finish, but applying a matte finishing powder makes it exactly what I want in a foundation. I haven't had any problems with my skin reacting to this since I've started using it, and my skin is extremely sensitive. Loving this so much!

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