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  • Sex
In Love!

I finally caved and bought an Illamasqua eyeshadow. I decided to get 'Sex' because it is a pure, matte white, something I have a hard time finding a good quality product of! And truthfully, it is the most pigmented, amazing white I've ever used. I do use a primer every day with my eyeshadow, but where some eyeshadows need a few runs over to 'pack on' the color, this only needs the initial application. Of course it can be blended out, but it applies so gorgeously.

This is the only color of this new bouncy blush I own, and I quite like it! The feel of it is, definitely unique, which is what drew me to it in the first place. My only problem with this, is that they tend to be extremely sheer. I find that when applying it with my fingers, it seems like hardly any product actually gets transferred to my cheeks! What I've been doing to get a little more pigmentation out of it, is actually taking the product, in the packaging, and rubbing it on my cheeks where I want it. Holding the whole thing up seems like a silly way to put it on, but I find that you get more color, and it blends out from there like a dream! However it is definitely easily build-able, and they last for hours once they're on. I'm looking forward to trying some more of the darker, more intimidating colors now that I know how sheer they go on!

Absolutely Stunning.

This color is simply AMAZING. As soon as I saw it, I absolutely could not pass it up. It's such a gorgeous, sparkly red, and its waterproof! BUT!, I most definitely would have had to have passed it up if I didn't have a Sephora gift card. I paid $24 for this product at Sephora, and considering that you only get 0.058 fl oz. Thats a LOT of money! But, if you have the money, it's MORE than worth it.

Haven't found one better!

No matter what I try, this mascara always has me coming back. I've been using it for years and its my absolute favorite! It adds both volume and length in the perfect ratio for my eyelashes. However, I'd advise against using the waterproof formula, its very different, and I hardly like it at all. Getting the waterproof formula off is nearly impossible, and I even lost a few eyelashes x.x I'd rather deal with my mascara running when I go swimming or something.

No Problems Here!

This eyeliner single-handedly got me hooked on the pen-style eyeliners. Liquid eyeliner has always been difficult for me to use, since I have naturally long lashes. It just got everywhere and made a horrible mess. However I've found with the pen-style, its easier to use, exactly like a pen, to line my eyes perfectly every time. It's got a felt-tip, and the only downside to that is that it can fray/get dull in my opinion. However mine isn't too bad yet. Its definitely worth it, seeing as I can use the very pointy tip to even dot liner in between my lashes, for a super dark, super fine lined look. I've heard of people having issues with this pen drying out quickly, and I've only had mine for a month and a half, but this is not to be stored upright like other liners. It has to be stored lying down, otherwise it will definitely dry out on you! I've been storing mine lying down and so far I havent had any issues with dryness. This is definitely my favorite liner until it dies!

Not bad!

Well, I was really, really hesitant about trying cream eyeshadows at all in the first place. But since these were on sale, I decided to go ahead and pick up a few. And knowing urban decay, of course, the color selection was absolutely DIVINE! It was so hard for me to narrow it down to two colors! The tubes are quite small, but a little goes a long, long way. It comes with an applicator inside, like the same thing you'd use to apply lipgloss, and for this, I don't really like it at all. I'd prefer to just squeeze it onto a brush or something. It can be quite difficult to use if you've never used cream eyeshadows or anything like it before. However, it does have some down time for you to smudge, fix, or shape it however you want. And once its set, it is really set! I was terrified of creasing even though I used the urban decay primer underneath and it claims that it's crease proof, but a whole 8 hour work shift later and its absolutely, 100% crease free!


Absolutely AMAZING! I had to have this in Delinquent, and I JUST picked up Clinic and I'm so happy! These are so so easy to apply, and easy to blend out even if you aren't looking for that intense eyeliner/eyeshadow look. Once you apply it, you've got a few seconds to blend it out, fix mistakes, clean up lines, and after that, it is set in STONE! It absolutely will not budge for anyone or anything once dry. I find that layering other shadows on top of this has an awesome effect, especially more sheer eyeshadows. These will definitely get people talking when you wear them. Even if you're going for just a little pop of color, line your water line with this and it won't budge or be missed!

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