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Amazing Innovation!

I adore this palette! The textures of the eyeshadows are truly unique. Somewhere between a cream and a powder, but it acts like both. Colors blend amazingly into each other and other eyeshadows. The colors themselves are absolutely beautiful alone and when used together. Despite the creamy constancy, these shadows do not crease on me, and although I have not fully tested the 'water resistance' of them, as they claim to be, I would imagine the texture would make it more water resistant than normal shadows. Overall I'm extremely impressed. My only downfall, is that sometimes shades will come out of their pan. Not like, the pan falls out, but the square of shadow will fall out. Extremely strange, but it's an easy fix, just pick it up and carefully set it back into it's pan, and nothing is ruined. Maybe that will be solved over time as I use this more. Overall, I highly recommend this amazing palette! It'll be unique out of everything you own!


I don't think this product helps keep your makeup in place/increase wear time at all. However, it is great for taking away any powdery finish your foundation may have left. Feels great for refreshing your skin/makeup through the day, but will not help it last longer. I wouldn't repurchase thing for the sake of longevity.

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I wanted this to work so bad!

I decided to switch up my foundation I was using, because I had heard so much amazing stuff about this one. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed. This foundation is not for you if your skin is even the least bit dry. I tried using it with every foundation primer I own, with a brush, sponge, damp sponge, fingers, and no matter what I did, it immediately sunk into my pores. I normally do not make returns, especially with makeup, but I will be returning this to Sephora, unfortunately.

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Wanted to love this so much!

I love OCC, and the shade range of these concealers had me drooling. I'm extremely, EXTREMELY fair, and when I saw a shade match, I knew I wanted it. I waited and waited until I finished my last concealer, and purchased it. That was about where the excitement ended unfortunately. I was so excited to use this because I've heard amazing things about it, and I have very dark circles under my eyes, so I thought this would be a miracle worker. Nope. The texture is very thick and dry, which is good in a concealer, but trying to use and blend it on the delicate under eye area was very rough. Once I got it how I wanted it to look, I'd pass by a mirror in an hour or two and notice all the product had collected in the fine lines and pores in my undereye area. And since it's such a stiff product, it wasn't just a 'blot and blend and good to go' fix. I've tried applying this with a sponge, a damp sponge, a brush, my fingers, everything. I cannot make it work for what I need it for. On a plus side, it does work great for a facial concealer, but I don't suffer from acne a lot, so I really don't get my money's worth from buying this product.

How amazing are these?!

Lets be honest, this product is basically an entire palette, in one eyeshadow. These are genius. The tie dye pattern of them all appeals to my inner 8-year old hippie, and they instantly draw my attention. There's generally three shades in each of these. Each shade can be used alone, combined with any other shade, or they can all be swirled together into one, harmonious, gorgeous color. Each one is basically an entire look in itself. Not only do these look gorgeous, they are amazingly pigmented too! I have three of them, (light show, indie, and tie dye) and they're all a satin finish. Not shimmery, but not quite matte. They blend like a dream! I can't get enough of these shadows, and I want them all on my desk to look at! <3

Exactly what I've been looking for.

These lashes, just, these lashes. <3 They are so perfect. I'm not a huge false lash person, but these almost spiderweb-esque lashes needed to be mine. It adds that perfect, almost creepy touch to any look. I love everything about them. They're the perfect size to make the impact you want to make with lashes like this, but lightweight enough so they don't weigh down your lids. Also extremely easy to apply for me, and I'm a false lash n00b.

Use this shadow wet!

This eyeshadow is gorgeous on its own, however, when you use it wet on your lid, (or as a liner!) it transforms into something AMAZING! The silver glitter really pops that way. It's one of those shadows you can wear alone, and it looks like you're wearing this, a lid highlight, and a deeper crease color.


This color is amazing. It's a perfect purple. Not too blue-based, and not too red-based. There is nothing sheer about any of these pro-matte colors, they're completely opaque and blend like a DREAM. This color is by far my favorite out of the bunch though. If you can't decide which pro-matte color to try first, I would DEFINITELY recommend this one!


If there's anything I'm a total sucker for, it's neat and inventive packaging. I had already wanted to try the Dose color pills, but when Beautylish came out with this set, I knew I needed it! These colors are so pretty. They go on opaque in one coat, and have a cream finish. I was seriously impressed with the coverage, and they lasted a good 5 days on my nails without chipping. These little polish pills have some seriously color to them! Small, but when you only need one coat, they'll last forever! I definitely plan on purchasing more of these! I want them all lined up on my polish rack!

Nothing negative to say!

I have this in the color 'Lovecraft' (which isn't listed here for some reason), and I absolutely love it. It's almost a dusty rose pink color, absolutely gorgeous. It goes on smooth and opaque, and doesn't dry out my lips like crazy. This color has become my everyday, staple lip color. There's a great range of colors as well, and the packaging is gorgeous and very high-end looking. I will definitely be picking up more of these lipsticks!

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