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Elisa S.
Major win with some minor fail.

I am so pleased with the quality and versatility of these shadows! The mix of shadows allows classic looks, colorful looks, dark looks, light looks, everything. I'm sure it'd complement many skin tones as well. The color payoff is so great that I just lightly pat the shadow once for each eye. If I ever use up a shadow, it'd be Anonymous, the pale matte color. If UD ever sells Anonymous as a single, I'll buy it as powder foundation (ahaha!) as it's the most perfect match for my skin color I've found.

The brush is lovely. I wouldn't have bought the palette if it came with an animal hair brush, so the fact it was synthetic was a big deal to me. It's great for application, stiffer and a bit smaller than brushes I already own (Ecotools and Rite Aid Renewal) so it complemented my set well. I'd rather it came as two different brushes and not one double-ended brush. As it is, I can't put it in my brush cup with the others since one end would be destroyed. Keep that in mind before buying.

I'll have to come up with a really good excuse to buy another eyeshadow palette after Vice because this palette comes with every color I use regularly. :3 It's isn't perfect, in fact mine came with two slightly broken shadows (Blitz and Nevermind). I wish the palette's packaging was easier to clean because I could remove the gold shimmer everywhere. I've also found the color Jagged to be unusable. I wish they'd either worked more on that formula or put in a different color, as I've found basically all reviews say the same thing about Jagged: no color payoff, weird shard fallout. Despite that, I highly recommend this palette for anyone who wants to buy one and be done! :]

Edit: Unfortunately, I found out while doing a friend's makeup, Vice does actually appear chalky on dark skin. For instance, Echo Beach should have been a nice highlight on her lids, but it hardly showed up. So now I augment "recommend for anyone" with "darker ladies should swatch first". :/

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Jessica P.
Beyond Great!!!

This palette is beyond great!!! it has everything needed to create a look sure to get some attention. The shadows are nice and smooth, very blendable and very pigmented. My favorite shadow is Chaos, which also seems to be a lot of other peoples favorite too. They should have named it the "Chaos" palette since that seems to be more of a stand out than "Vice" lol but I'm just saying. But overall well worth the money!

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Bethany S.

So if I'm being honest this palette is probably the worst quality that UD has ever come out with. I was super excited to get this when I heard about it because I pretty much buy every Urban Decay palette that comes out, they're one of the few brands that make such fantastic quality eye shadows in really good value sets. I read on the Sephora website that a few people were disappointed in the shadows being so chalky, but I bought it anyway because I figured I could handle it. They were right, I'm not sure what corners were cut here, the shadows SWATCH great, but dip a brush in them and they are everywhere and super hard to work with. I really don't mind, that's how much I love Urban Decay, the colors are gorgeous (although to be fair, they are called "exclusive shades" and look just like a lot of their other colors) so I can always find ways to use these (over bases, wet etc.), but Urban Decay IS better than this.

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Theresa G.
Another Favorite

Just like all of my other Urban decay palettes....I LOVE IT! Glad I choose to get this. 2 or 3 of the eyeshadows are chalky but nothing I can't handle : ) great product!

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ashley g.

this palette is a definite vice. such awesome colors and pigments, totally worth the price! i feel bad for my other eyeshadows cause they've rarely been used since purchasing this palette lol i love it!

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Emily B.
Favorite Product of 2012

3/4 of the colors are glitters and shimmers, but they are unique and they are gorgeous. The only shade that really gives you a problem, as long as you use a base under these to help hold the color, is Jagged, but it isn't unbearable. I'm really glad I got this and I feel like no picture online did it justice so if you don't know if you'll really like it I suggest checking it out in a store nearby. The link below has a little more in depth review and swatches on my website.


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Simone S.

I LOVE THIS PALATTE. It has amazing colors and is fun to use. This is my first palatte my them and I use is constantly. It took a few tried to figure out how I could use the colors to the way I Like but now everything is perfect. Some of the colors spread out of their spot a little which I don't mind having the powder surrounding it but some might. Overall I am very pleased and love these colors and making up mixes with them

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Caitlin M.
Such a fun palette to play with.

I have been using this palette almost exclusively since I got it. I just can't put it down! I'm doing a sugar skull makeup on myself for Halloween next week and I'm using mostly this palette for it because it's just so fun. The shadows are so smooth and blend very well, but there is one or two that work better if they are patted on rather than smoothed on. I think the color is so gorgeous that it's worth the extra little bit of effort though. I really like how there are some neutral shades too, if I were to travel I would only need to bring this palette because it has a good variety of colors. The packaging is also the most practical I've ever seen from UD as well. The mirror is a great size and the packaging makes it easy to use unlike some of those in the previous palettes. The double-ended brush is also of really nice quality and a nice little add-on. Overall this palette is everything I expected and I'm very pleased with it. I think anyone who likes vibrant colors will love it as well.

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Sariah Y.

I was one lucky urban decay fan to get my hands on this pallete it's absolutely gorgeous!:)I love how it comes with beautiful shimmer shadows , a bright matte blue exclusive :)oh and that glitter hot pink is fabulous.good job urban decay $59.00 for twenty eyeshawdows that's $2.95a shawdow when they cost 18.00 regular wroth my money:D!

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Ashley C.
Bejeweled Beauty Box!

Urban Decay has always been a brand i over look because everybody purchases it and does the same youtube looks on it over, and over, and over again (and that ok!).. I have held out on not purchasing ANY Volume palettes which was hard, and until this palette i was only a Original "Naked" Palette owner. So you can say ive been saving for a good one i guess. Now with that said i Purchased My The Vice Palette at my Local Ulta for $49.00 ( i had a 20% off Platinum member coupon) Normally this is 59.00. so that did push me a little to buy it as well.. Here are my Thoughts.

-Gorgeous Jeweled raised UD on the cover which makes you just want to touch and open it!

-HUGE Mirror inside!! No small itty bitty thing like normal!

- Soft, rubbery coating palette. so it does hide scratches better but glitter and shadows stick to it like glue! Make up remover wipes work just fine to clean it though.

- a cute button you "push" to watch the palette open slowly itself, which is quite clever and give it an "expensive" edge.

-Buildable & Blendable Shades all around. A great Variety for many looks!

-20 GORGEOUS matte to shimmer eyeshadows. Now they do say these are never before seen colors and that is true BUT there are some that are ALMOST just like some original or limited edition colors they previously had. Ive seen other companies do this as well, so it doesn't surprise me, but it still has the BEST variety of colors in one box.

-Now i would agree with others that some of these shades are a bit on the Chalky side, but fall out will always be inevitable and it does feel like im wasting alot of product because of the consistency of these few shades.. BUT the color pay off isn't compromised so i personally DO NOT mind this.

- Comes with a duo eyeshadow and blender brush which is a bonus cause ive always gotten a palette with an eyeliner or primer so i like the change up. Plus the brushes are fabulous, easy to clean, on the softer side as well. -Located Online, Sephora and Ulta for $59.00

-Price wise it does seem like alot of money, but if you think about it.. your getting 20 shadows for 60 instead of 5 MAC eyeshadows. So Its a HUGE Bargain.

-Not really travel or makeup bag friendly but if packed correctly you could take this on vacation with you instead of a bunch of shades or palettes.

Overall i am extremely happy i held out on all the volume palettes to buy this bejeweled baby! It just makes me happy looking at it, plus the complements i get on my eyeshadow lately is a nice confidence boost as well! I personally do recommend this palette and paired with my Naked palette i will have endless Neutral, smokey & Colorful Fun looks. Also i know i could use this on clients and because it has the UD name, it generally puts a smile on anyone's face!

Hope this helps! Happy Makeup Searching <3

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