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Victoria D.
Not an OCC dupe.

I wanted to try one of these, because I heard they were being called similar to OCC lip tars, so I thought it'd be awesome if it was a great dupe for a much lower price! Well, it's not. When I tried to apply this, it went on very streaky and uneven, not opaque like a lip tar. It seemed quite sticky and took a while to dry down to the point where I could try to add another coat. They are very highly scented as well. Mine had some sort of weird, orange/chocolate smell to it, which was a huge turn off. Unfortunately I would not purchase another of these, I actually gave mine away to a friend because I knew I was never going to touch it again. If you want Lip Tar awesomeness, an OCC lip tar is the only place you'll find it!

Blossom B.
The Sleep Pout Paint

Fantastic product. You only need a small amount and the product lasts a very long time. Be careful of using the brighter colours as they can stain outside the lips. Once applied blot and re-apply and blot. It lasts quite a few hours! A must have!

Bethan-mair W.

its great for doing more arty and experamental work with its a bit thick though if you just wanted a lip colour it was great for doing my jessie j union jack but the colour really comes out nicely and it doesnt smuj i would defnitely recommend it xx

Oghenero E.
Seal it with a Kiss. xxx

The Sleek Pout Paint applies on the lips extremely smoothly, and leaves a beautiful gloss over the lip. My lips felt extremely moisturised with this product, which if I’m honest I wasn’t expecting. The gloss effect lasted for about 1.5hr, whilst I managed to get 6 hours of wear from these little beauties (and this included through eating and drinking) as they held on well with the darker colours leaving a tint to the lips which I loved. I absolutely loved, loved, loved these Pout Paints, they felt extremely creamy and moisturising, producing excellent colour pay-off. And if you want to experiment with colours this is a great fun way and you can produce some amazing lip colours, these Pout Paints are definitely worth trying out and including in your makeup collection.

Livvy P.
Pout away......

This is amazing,like so many other sleek products i have tried. A little amount goes a long way,extremely pigmented and an amazing range of colours! i've had mine (Minx £4.99 ) for months though the tube is full to the top so Very Good value for money and purse sized for girls on the go.This is going to be staying in my make-up bag for a looooong time.

Lisa U.

Pout Paints have a large selection of colours to choose from and have been compared to OCC Lip Tars (I don't own a Lip Tar so I can't comment). The range also comes with a blue (Peek-A-Bloo) and white (Cloud 9) which, if desired can be worn/used on their own but can also be used to mix with other colours in the range to make a brand new colour. Pout Paints are extremely pigmented and as they are a stain, last! You also only need the smallest amount so they last for ages, I have had these months and have used hardly any. These are perfect for a more dramatic look to a neutral eye or if you're like me love creating dramatic looks. 10/10