Urban Decay

Stardust Eyeshadow


Brianna G.
SO much fallout, it's ridiculous.

I'm just going to start off by saying that I absolutely love Urban Decay eyeshadows. To me, they are the creamiest and most easily blendable eyeshadows that I've ever come across. That being said, I absolutely despise their Stardust eyeshadows. I have seriously never seen so much fallout in my life! i tried everything, but no matter what, the Stardust shadows just kept going everywhere. Also, the color payoff wasn't my favorite. I would save my money and spend it on one of their regular eyeshadows for sure.

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Louise-Lesley J.

I bought the sin primer potion one day because they didn't have any of the original left and when I finished using it I literally ran back to the shop the next day on my lunch break to buy Sin which is the colour that matched!

Dear Lord - AMAZING! Such a great colour - I'm not big into shimmer as I don't think it fits in with my style but I just had to wear this!

Lea W.

If you love sparkle and shimmer, but not necessarily glitter, you might enjoy wearing this eyeshadow. I find that the color payoff isn't that strong, so go ahead and layer it over a similar matte shade if you want both pigmentation and the twinkling effect. If fallout is an issue for you with this product, try applying it with a slightly dampened flat eyeshadow brush using patting motions. I might not repurchase, because it is pretty pricey for what it can do (which less expensive brands can recreate), but I do enjoy the wide variety of shades available.

Victoria D.

First of all, I think these shadows are GORGEOUS! The micro-glitter looks amazing, simply mesmerizing! However, they are a bit tricky to apply. I also find that I get s LOT of fall out from these. It's not just glitter, the color itself just does not want to stick. Blending is nearly impossible, because it all just comes off when you try to blend it out! Once you manage to get it applied (however that happens to work out) they look so pretty. And another noteworthy feature is the unique packaging! You squeeze the sides and the plastic top pops open! I'm a sucker for little features and details like that!

Alice T.
Very Disappointing!

I used these in 54 and Moon Spoon. I guess we're supposed to use this on top of a finished look really that already has the colours beneath as this has soo much fallout and a shockingly bad pigmentation! So happy I only used this product for a few days and didn't buy it - very disappointing! I guess you could use this over a shadow to give a bit of shimmer and glitter but only if you're prepared for all that fallout and not much result, not worth it if you ask me!