Urban Decay

Naked Skin Beauty Balm


Shanay H.

When I first received it I thought it would be too light for my skin tone... But to my surprise once it gets blended out it works great. I love BB creams and this is a great one. I notice that it helps reduce the shininess of my skin. I have used it with and without a primer and it stayed on all day. If you need more coverage you can definitely build on it.

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Molly G.
First impressions

Ok I have never bought or tried a BB cream before and I decided to try this one because I love everything UD! I was expecting the color to be a little lighter because the packaging says universal shade and being very fair skinned I need the color to match. I was definitely freaked out when I saw the color, but once I blended it in you couldn't tell I had it on. It works perfectly as a primer to hold powder foundation and gives a brilliant airbrushed effect without any effort on my part. It leaves your skin feeling soft, though you can feel that you have it on (their foundation you do not even notice) but over all it is better than I was expecting. Loving it so far!

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Jessica L.

I got a sample when i ordered from the website. Im not a huge fan. It smells like medicine. Reminds me of cover girls make up smell. I guess I would have to try it for a longer period of time to really see if I like it. I wish they could change the smell. It does work well as a primer for powder foundation or mineral foundation.

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Susana R.
Too sheer for a BB cream

Being a fan of UD's Naked collection I expected more from the BB cream. It was too sheer to offer any coverage. I think I'll just be using it as a primer instead

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Sofia M.

Worth the price, it smells awesome, its designed for every tone, when you apply it it matches your skintone, its not oily, i totally recommend buying it, let me know if you want a swatch ☺️

Kalyn H.

After opening the tube, I was utterly horrified by the deep color that came out. I have incredibly pale skin, and I was thinking that there was no way this would ever work for me. After blending, it ended up looking completely stunning and I was definitely impressed

Kalani F.

This is a great product very lightweight and has medium coverage....definitely not for someone who needs to cover acne scarring if you need to cover acne scaring try the too faced tinted beauty balm but this is a great product

Alletta F.

This one goes right up on my list of favourite products. I'm picky, so that's not easy! In winter I use Estee Lauder BB in the lightest shade, but I was looking for something lighter, darker (and less yellow) for summer. I love this cream. It doesn't offer coverage, only enhancement of your natural skin, and that was what I was looking for. Make up is supposed to bring out natural beauty, not cover it. Add a few touches of concealer and I'm good to go. The colour seems to be pretty diversity-friendly, I'm surprised to see that it works on darker skin as well, based on reviews. It gives me a bit of a radiant glow, goes on easily, blends easily and feels good on the skin. I wouldn't know if the anti-ageing properties work; I still look 26. It moisturises my sensitive skin nicely for not-too-cold days, it's too 'light' for winter. I don't like that it has SPF 20: I live in Northern Europe and the sun I get here is too little for my South-African skin which needs some sun to remain healthy (and for me to not look ill) to begin with, let alone after every cosmetic company in the world decides we need full protection against every ray of sun. In South-Africa I'd probably love that aspect, but now I need to worry about getting SOME sun on me, you know, for vitamin D and such. But, all in all, I'm quite happy and VERY happy to find a product that for once is NOT aimed at yellow-undertoned ladies.

Angela I.
One of my Holy Grails!

I personally use this as a primer. I thought it would be really creamy and.gives opaque coverage but its so light and acts as a prep primer. I am always red after I get out the shower and with its light weight coverage it actually covers my redness and minimizes my pores! it goes on smoothly, I think it can be for any Skin type, I love to put this on my Clients who are on.the drier side bc this helps moisturize their face! I wouldnt wear this alone bc I live for full coverage.

Megan L.
Feels like velvet

I love this stuff!! It goes on smooth, never looks anything but natural, and I don't need foundation over it. It's never gotten cakey or melted off (I live in TX, has to survive the heat factor). I just wish there were shades, I like a little bronzed look.