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Freakin adorable!

So, I pretty much knew I was going to be purchasing this blush as soon as I saw it, because it is so CUTE. And I am a massive sucker for cute packaging! The trio of colors inside is pretty universal, I'd say. I'm extremely fair, but the mix of pinks, and peachy colors is a perfect shade of blush on me. I don't bother using the shades individually, I just mix them all together, but using them independently is definitely an option with this.I was hesitant with the price, but I think this is a great amount of blush for the price, now that I have it. It's shimmery, but it's not sparkly. It's able to be worn lightly, or built up for more color, which is also a great quality. My only problem with this, is the fact that the container is cardboard. Which just doesn't feel high end. It's super cute, but a metal tin, or something other than cardboard would've made it feel so much better for me!

I like it, but I dont like it.

As many of you ladies out there, I was sooo excited to hear that this was part of Sephora's beauty insiders birthday gift this year. I couldn't wait to try it out from all the great things I've heard. Well, I don't think it was all it's cracked up to be. What it does do, is lengthen and separate my lashes amazingly. I don't get too much in the volume department from this, but I usually layer another mascara to add volume. And, I don't get clumps, UNLESS I try to do more than one coat. If I try that, it's instant clump city. I also feel that this mascara makes my lashes feel drier than normal. I'll continue to work with it until my sample is gone, but I can't see myself paying for a full sized version of this. Wanted to love it, but it's just okay for me.

Not a fan!

I've really been looking for a good mascara, and had high hopes for this one, but it fell completely flat once I wore it. It's quite clumpy, and something about the texture is almost, sticky feeling. I wore it for 12 hours today, and through the day it felt like it almost never completely dried. It felt heavy, and kind of gooey on my lashes, which really irritated my eyes. I'm not sure if I just got a bad batch or what, but even thinking about putting it on my lashes again nearly makes my eyes water and itch. I think this is what it would feel like if one were to put straight up tar on their lashes. It was also difficult to remove for me, even though my normal remover (Purity by Philosophy) normally takes of everything in one swipe. I'll never mistreat my eyeballs with this again!


I got a sample of this, and I really REALLY wanted to try it. But after using it at least a dozen times now, I don't really think it does ENOUGH. It smells great, and gently exfoliates, but my lips still feel dry and peely after I've used it, and followed with a lip balm. The actually exfoliating granules seem very sparse in the product itself. And using more, doesn't mean it works better. I love Fresh, but unfortunately, this was a mediocre product for me. I would definitely not pay the price to buy the full size of this.

So disappointed!

I had been really, REALLY wanting this palette for a long time, I finally bit the bullet and purchased it on sale. However, the colors are just almost unusable. They are extremely pigmented (Which is a great thing!) but they're nearly impossible to blend. Even with the lightest touch, it's still a blotchy mess on me. =/ I'll probably keep it around just for using on other people, instead of hauling blushes around, but all in all, I'd never buy another one. Even for other people, I'd almost rather haul blushes around than try to work with this.

Good, but not stunning.

I got a trial size of this mascara, and have read nothing but good things, so I was excited to try it. I found that this mascara does a wonderful job of lengthening my lashes, but it doesn't give me very much volume. Not as much as I prefer anyways. It does apply very nicely, I had zero problems with clumps or flaking through the day, however it does take a bit of time to dry. This isn't a problem for me, but it may be if you have problems with smudging. I think that the dry time also makes it harder to build up more volume by applying multiple coats. All in all, a good mascara, but I would not purchase the full size.

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I absolutely fell in love with this when I saw it, and had to have it. It's not quite a glitter, but not quite a loose eyeshadow. It's some amazing lovechild of the two. You can use it in a million ways, lips, eyes, cheeks, anything. And on top of that, I experienced VERY minimal fall out, which is wonderful, since it is quite an expensive product. I definitely feel that I got my monies worth with this one. I want MUFE to produce this in every color! I can only imagine the amazing duochrome combinations they could come up with!

Not kind to my tresses.

First of all, this review goes for any Tresemme shampoo I've tried, there's only two available to review on Beautylish, so I just picked this one. Tresemme shampoos have just never, ever been nice to my hair. They clean, and get the job done, but they leave my hair feeling extremely dry and brittle after I rinse. My hair just feels rough after using this. Conditioner helps relieve it a little bit, but if I use Tresemme conditioner, it's almost impossible to get it all the way out of my hair! I'm always left with conditioner in my hair once I get out of the shower. I never have that problem with any other conditioners! Tresemme is just a no-go for me all around.

Where did this brand come from and why am I just discovering it now?!

I got this mascara in a mascara sampler set, and really didn't think anything of it at first. Didn't recognize the brand, didn't expect to be impressed or anything. I decided to give it a shot, since I had it, figured why not? And I was definitely amazed. This mascara does an amazing job at lengthening, separating, and giving volume and definition to my lashes. Basically everything I could ever ask for from a mascara. It doesn't not flake or smudge on me through out the day, nor is it impossible to remove at the end of the night! I'm typically a fan of rubber bristles in the first place, but this one also has the rounded bristle tip, which is perfect for acheiveing even more lift, and getting those tiny inner corner lashes. All in all, extremely impressed with this mascara, definitely makes me want to look into this brand even further!

A Flawless Surprise!

Bare Escentuals is not a brand that I typically reach for when shopping for makeup. I've never really been a huge fan of any of their products. However I've been searching for a new mascara, and got a mini of this in a kit with about 10 different mascaras in it, and surprisingly, I was impressed! For me, this mascara does an amazing job of separating, lengthening, and gives just the right amount of volume as well. It doesn't clump on me, nor does it flake through out the day. I also find it extremely easy to work with when applying. The formula doesn't seem too dry, or too wet, or too thick. I'm very surprised and impressed with this mascara. I had to do a double take to make sure I was reading that it was definitely bare escentuals!

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