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This is my holy grail, i cannot live with out this. It surely lives up for my standards, and keeps my eye shadow in places and stop creasing and messing up my eye make up.

Hi guys.. I have been hearing so many good things about this product, and want to get my hands on it. So do you know where i can get my hands on this online, and get t shipped internationlly???

I have been using this product for at least 3-4 monthes, and i do not understand that i have been living without this before. I loove how my cheeks loooks, after the application and i sometime use this as my bronzer.. Overall this product is the best blushes from the elf product line if you ask my ;)

This product creates a magic surface on my skin, it protect and seels the make up from running around. And i cannot say i am not happy with this product, one of my must haves during summr time!!!

I love this product for everyday use like for work or school, but when i do wear evening wear look wih heavy foundation and dramatic eyes. This product do not work for me, it makes my make up melt away. There for i use this in the day time with ligth make up and mac's fix + for evening make up. But other than that it does not make my make up stay for an entire day, but works ok for a couple of hours.

I really like this brush, i mainly use this to fade out the colors in my crease area. Beside that i love to use this brush for smokey eye effect, makes my eyes look more dramatic. And for the prices this work perfect for me. ;)

sigma brush

I have been hearing only good things aboout these brushes, but cannot figure out if i should or should not buy them. Are there anyone who have had bad experinces with them???

LOOOOve this brush

I got this brush some time ago, and i started it...and i am in looove with how soft this brush i towards your skin! I mainly use this brush for setting the power, but i can see a lot of you guys use the brush for liquid foundations...i have get one more. But for the price this brush do what it is supposed to do.... ;)

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