Studio Powder Brush

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Stacey V.
Great buy at a bargain price

I've found these conveniently priced elf brushes to work just as well as the MAC & Estee Lauder brand.. they last up to three months for me, but hey, they're all in the 1-10$ range which is perfect for me:)

Tessandra R.

This brush is my new favorite! I use it to apply my bronzer, it contours my face beautifully!! I love how well it blends the bronzer! I definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!

Tyni R.

Wondered what the hype was all about. Now I know! This brush is soft and very nice to use. I use it for powder and it's just perfect! No need for me to buy a kabuki brush since this can do the job!

Aubrey C.

I use this everyday for powder. It's very soft, dense and in the 2 years I've had it, I have yet to see a single bristle shed.

Honestly there's not too much more to say on this, other than it's just a freaking amazing brush.

Beauty P.
Soo soft

In love with this new elf powder brush from their studio line, its soooo soft and such a great size would totally purchase again! I think ill get another cuz I think I heard its also great for apply foundation, correct me if I'm wrong. But girls this is must for your collection! Oh and its 3 freakinn bucks! Awsome right?(:

Haley F.

This brush produces an airbrush finish when used with Revlon ColorStay foundation! I love the way my face looks when I apply it with this brush compared to a sponge! Sponges are so ages ago! This brush is so today and forever! :)

Pria C.
Great Brush!!

I use this everyday to apply my bb cream and I love it ! The brissles are very soft and I have had it for about 2 months now and it hasn't shredded at all! I love it and it doesn't leave streaks on your face. It's blends everything in very well and is great quality for only 3 dollars. My favorite brush for bb cream/foundation application

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Chrissy S.

I love this brush! I use it for all my dry, powder products. I use it every day for my face powder. It is an all-over versatile brush because it can get into all the nooks and crannies in my face! I like using it along the T-line on my face, because it's a big fluffy brush and it covers a wide area.

Kathleen A.

I've had this brush over a year now and it hasn't shed at all. I use it everyday ever since I bought it. It blends really well and it leaves off an air brushed finish. If you need a powder brush, this is perfect and it's only 3 bucks.

Hana A.

For the price this brush has surprised me. I was thinking of buying a high end brush to stipple my foundation but didn't feel the need to when I got this product over a year ago. I now have two so when one is getting dirty I'll use the clean one and rotate it because I can't apply my foundation without this guy, It's an awesome investment.