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Kassondra B.
No Budge Makeup on a Budget

I've never tried setting spray before (except Evian) but this works perfectly. In some regards I wish the bottle misted the way an aerosol does but I feel like you get more product for your money this way. This little bottle is always with me when I travel and on my makeup table at home.

Victoria C.
Why is this brand here?

This line of makeup line is not good, why is it available here?? The setting spry is NOT effective on oily, normal sensitive or mature skin. The eye shadows have the staying power of talcum powder, cream products evaporate immediately- leaving behind zero color, and the gloss formulas are goopy sticky that eventually slip off the lips(too much oil in the formula). I'll be using another-pro makeup site...staying on trend with YouTube isn't important and their paid for reviews

Abby R.

I do not think that this works at all. In fact, I think it makes my makeup worse. The smell is horrific as well. I would not recommend this to anyone who wants a worthwhile product.

Lauren J.
Not so good

This setting spray did not allow my makeup to last long and it's also very messy. It ruined my makeup. The mechanism used to dispense the product should be improved.

Anna D.
A case for US vs. Chinese made products

Okay, first things first this spray doesnt come close to others in this category to keep makeup on. Secondly, I have no idea what's in here - and I'm spraying it all over my face, lips - it's being inhaled through my nose. It's made in a Chinese factory with not a whole lot of manufacturing standards. Beware ladies!!

Rachelle-Denise  M.
In Love!!!

Not only does this have vitamins, it has a nice musk to it. You don't have to use a lot, just 1 or 2 sprays and you are set. I can totally tell whenever I forget to use it, my makeup looks "dry". This also comes in handy when you are going to be in a environment where you might "melt".

Tyni R.

It leaves a dewy finish so it's great if you want to achieve such a look. Of course, dry-skinned peeps will surely enjoy this product, too. When it comes to lasting power, I can't vouch that it totally helps but I guess it kinda helps..? lol

Rocky B.
I love it

it's a wonderful product. it's very light weight. I like that it doesn't make my makeup look "caked up" definitely recommend this item. pluse it's super affordable.

Rebecca M.
I like this

I really like this setting spray, it's refreshing and makes your foundation look more natural. Only problem is that it sprays too much product and my face feels drenched even holding it away at a decent distance. Ultimately for the price, this product is amazing.

Michelle C.
I like it a lot

I have a oily skin and without setting spray, I feel like my makeup starts to slide off throughout the day. I bought this on impulse at Target since it was so cheap and I can't really complain! I spray this on after I put on all my makeup (minus mascara) and my makeup stays put through about 7 hours. I carry it with me for occasional touch ups I may have to do if I'm having a long day out and it refreshes my makeup. Now, the reason why I spray it on PRIOR to mascara is because the times I have sprayed it on with mascara on already, my mascara ends up smudging a bit under my eyes. I'd recommend this product, I don't have a problem with it as long as I 1. spray it before applying mascara and 2. I carry it with me for touch ups later in the day.