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Jennifer Z.

This product is actually not bad for its price. It actually makes my foundation and powder last longer then it normally would without out this spray. How I use it: I apply my concealer, foundation, setting powder, blush, then Spray this setting spray over my face (about 3 sprits- about 12 inch away from my face).

Pros: its cheap, a little goes a long way, it does set face makeup!! Cons: it has a hint of smell but goes away after a couple seconds, the pump sprays way to much- so make sure it at least 12 inchs away from ur face, and it leaves your face wet for a min so just let it air dry or blot slighty with a brush (dont rub)

*As far as my eyes go I never have a problem with my eyeshaows fading ( because my primers do a good job for me) so I dont spray it over my eye makeup but because it is watery and alot comes out, I can see why Emily (previous comment) had a problem with it making her mascara run... so just keep that in mind, but for just face makeup it works good!!!

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Stephanie T.

I think it may be just the placebo effect when I use this, but... I'm not sure it actually works. I spray it on with all hope it'll keep my makeup on all day and I'll be flawless all day, but I honestly don't think it actually does that.

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Ashley L.
So So

As a setting spray: the only time I feel this product works as a setting spray is if you use powder foundation, otherwise, it messed my makeup. I think it is the nozzle. It sprayed unevenly and was too much product and not a "mist" like it implied.

As a foiling agent: I think it works great for foiling. At the moment, that is the main use that I have found for this product. I spray a little on my brush and go about my e/s business. Bottom line, save your money because they are tons of things you can use to foil, and it doesn't work as setting spray.

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Nikki S.

This does help my makeup last a bit better then if I dont use anything. But there are quite a few cons with this product:

*When I first apply this it has a very sticky feeling and it comes out in quite a thick spray..definitely not a mist.

*This stuff feels ok on my face once it finally dries, but later in the day if I start to sweat I can feel the stickiness come back, and it also makes my skin start to itch and it feels like Im wearing a mask.

I've used this on days where I'm not going to be very active. But for days when I work or am gonna be out in the hot sun, I will stick with my Urban Decay Finishing spray..

It does it's job, but I don't like the application or how it feels on my face.

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Anna A.
I didn't really see any results, and the smell was horrible.

I will only buy this again if they rethink their formula for fragrance, and I'd also only repurchase because the bottle is amazing with misting. I haven't got the money to buy any urban decay setting sprays, so I make my own. Glycerin, cold water,keep refrigerated, and toss out solution after a week or two and make a new batch again. It keeps my face fresh and makeup still on all day and night.

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Rachelle-Denise  M.
In Love!!!

Not only does this have vitamins, it has a nice musk to it. You don't have to use a lot, just 1 or 2 sprays and you are set. I can totally tell whenever I forget to use it, my makeup looks "dry". This also comes in handy when you are going to be in a environment where you might "melt".

Robyn S.
Love it!

I use this over my makeup and it works really well! I like how it gives a dewey finish without looking oily. It also keeps my makeup on my face. It also feels like a cool mist, which is refreshing.

Hannah D.
I buy this all the time!

I go through bottles of this stuff (which is OK because it's only $3)! I have oily skin and don't like to set my makeup with powder because it will turn cakey and oxidize. This is the first setting spray I've tried but I have no problem sticking with it because it works so well! It gives my makeup a natural finish and really does help it last a lot longer!

Sarah T.
I will buy this again and again !

This has been perfect for me! keeps my makeup in place, no negative reactions to it (i do have quite sensitive skin), its hydrating and feels so refreshing ! The price is a bargain and its a good size for on the go :)

Emily W.
Lasts for ages!

I've used this for every makeup look I have done and it never disappoints! It melts into my skin and makes my makeup last for hours (even DAYS). Feels light and refreshing, doesn't smell, and you just can't beat $3 price! I've been able to wear the same eye makeup for THREE DAYS (though tossing and turning sleep, two showers, and 12 hour work days) with only minor touchups using this spray and the e.l.f. eyelid primer. An added bonus: it feels amazing if you have a sunburn to just spritz some of this on over your aloe gel.