Studio Powder Brush

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Nichole Dianne M.

I love this brush! The fact that it's so dense, it can hold powder so well and distribute/buff it evenly on my skin. I mostly use it for my powder foundation but I can also use it for contouring by using the edges and then buffing out the color with the flat end. I think overall this brush is pretty great when it comes to just making my skin look even. It hasn't shed on me and it's pretty easy to clean, at least the surface anyways. When you do deep cleaning you have to make sure that you get really deep into the middle of the hairs because gunk gets stuck there easily. Overall, no complaints whatsoever. GREAT BRUSH!

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Pria C.
Great Brush!!

I use this everyday to apply my bb cream and I love it ! The brissles are very soft and I have had it for about 2 months now and it hasn't shredded at all! I love it and it doesn't leave streaks on your face. It's blends everything in very well and is great quality for only 3 dollars. My favorite brush for bb cream/foundation application

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Rikke S.
Amazing for the price

I use this brush every single day. It's great for mineral makeup, liquid makeup and powders. It really is a go to brush for me.

It's soft and dense and does a great job at buffing in liquid and mineral foundation. It is super affordable too. And it does not shed.

Only negative is that the metal barrel can get a little loose with time. But I don't mind for the price.

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Sojourner W.
Favorite Brush By Far!

I just purchased this about a month ago and I LOVE it! There is so much hype on YT about this product that I eventually caved and bought it for myself; I'm so glad I did! This brush is really soft and smooth on my face so it's perfect for my foundation. It's also perfect for liquid foundation because it's really dense. I have heard that the brush has fallen a part and I have noticed mine getting loose already, but I mean it was $3 so I'm not too worried. And also, if the handle does break, I can just glue it back on, no big deal! I think that this brush is also good for its primary use (powder) too! Overall, this is definitely a staple brush in my collection now! :)

Pros: - Texture of bristles - Price - Availability (Target and/or online) - Application versatility

Cons: - Handle might break

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Ayanna P.

I got this brush because it was only $3 and I'd heard Sam of BeautyCrush (on YT) talking about it. I use it for the same purposes, liquid foundation. Bottom line, it's a good brush. Easy to wash, no shedding, works great.

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Meidy M.

This brush is too good to be true..ESPECIALLY FOR ITS PRICE! Its soft and applies my foundation like a dream. I used this for liquid and powder foundations. The bristles are very soft and dense. I got mine at target for $3. :) I suggest you pick one up yourself if you dont have one :)

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Janet F.
So soft

I use this brush everyday to put on my foundation! The price is great too. For $3 you can stock up on many backups and keep one everywhere. The bristles are so soft and dense. It's really great quality for the price.

♥ http://xJJbabygrlx.blogspot.com ♥

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Ericka M.

My all time favorite brush. I use it for foundation and powder everyday! Hasnt shed at all. The handle did get a little loose but still in great shape. funny because my MAC bruses shed and cost 3x's as much!

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Irene E.

I use this to buff in my liquid foundation and then my setting powder. I absolutely love it! If you're on a budget or don't have access to MAC or Sigma F80 this is a great alternative.

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No Longer Available D.

This is the BEST $1.50 I've spent on a brush! I love that it applies liquid foundation so perfectly! It's also a great brush for powders! I definitely recommend this brush!! It's easy to clean and doesn't shed one bit!! LOVE IT! Super soft and dense. Gives that beautiful airbrush look!

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