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This one is one of my favorite scents, love the fact it is all over the place when you put it on. I mostly use it for special event. Like if you going out for a nigth or just going to dinner with you girls friends, because trust me people are going to notice you! ;) I love it and can only say i have so many good memories attach to this scent.

This one was my first parfume i bought, and i have to say i loved it back then and today i love it more. For me this one is one of my favorite neutral scents i have, and has a hint of freshness to it. Two words: LOVE IT ;)

If you want a super neutral scent, with a hint of freshness to it than this is your product. It is super fresh and is not all over the place. But one of the downside i had with it was the scent did not stay on to long, and i had to apply more during the day. But other than that it is a great scent if you want something neutral in scent.

If you like flowers than you are going to like this scent, it is fresh and has a boost of flower scent in it. And it is a great parfume to wear during summer time, because it is so ligth and fresh at the same time.

Absolute one of my all time favorite parfumes, i just love this parfume. I loved the vision for women so much that i got the mens edition for my boyfriend. And for me this is one of the parfumes i go to, for a fun evening out with my girls. I can only recommend this and knowing the fact that it cost a bit more than regular parfumes it is worth the money. ;)

I got this as a gift from one of my friends,and i do not know what there is about this scent but i tempt to get a lot of headache of it. So for me i do not like the scent at all, not saying that it is a bad scent or anything. But for me this scent do not work, i think it migth be because it is to strong of a scent for me.

This is a ligth and feminine scent, which i mostly use during summer time. For me one of the down side with this parfume,is that the scent do wanish real fast. So if i go out and am away for a while, i have to bring the bottle with me to refresh the scent. Other than that you are going to like it, if you are into fresh, ligth and has a hint of a flower in it but not to much.

If you like the flower scent, you are for sure going to love this parfume. It is mild and makes you feel like you are in a forest surrounded by flowers. I love to use this parfume during summer time, because it is ligth and has the freshness over it.

This product is like magic on my hair, i use it when i have to tease my hair for different hair styles. And it always make my bump stay in place, and i like how it holds the shape of the hair style an entire day. Great product for the price.

When i saw this in the store i could not believe, how big in size it is compared to their regular size skinfinishes. I love the fact that you have 2 colors to choose from and this makes it an ideal product to have when you are travelling.

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