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Cece T.

Sigma Brushes are super soft and are easy to wash. I use the set to everydays and love it a lot. I will defiantly purchase more of the brushes. They also last quite along time without shedding the hairs.

Jordan B.
eh, could be better.

I purchased this brush set about a year ago & since day one the face brushes have all shed tremendously. Even after multiple washes & using the Sigma brush drying system (among other drying methods). I really like the eye brushes but for the cash you are spending on this set, you would think you would be getting better quality. I originally purchased this for my personal use but now it's being used in my freelance kit. I really wanted to like Sigma but the brand is not all it's hyped up to be. Their prices are getting close to MAC brush prices, so you might as well spend the extra cash & get those.

Ka L.

Really wanted a brush set. After watching numerous YouTube videos, I purchased the Make Me Classy Kit and its one of my best investments regarding my make-up collection. These brushes are fantastic and will last a very long time. A MUST HAVE !!

Raven S.
Best I've ever had

Used the brushes for over a year now and can say that these are by far the best I have ever tried, They hold product really well and really gets it on the face. Also very great with blending out.

Marcella B.

I'm not encouraged to buy Sigma again... they are cute, cheaper than MAC,but fall out too much..I gotta feeling that they won't last 3-4 years... so I prefer spending my money in something more durable...

Ingrid N.
GO TO brushes

I bought these brushes when I started exploring makeup application techniques. The prices of MAC brushes were intimidating, and getting a set seemed like a great way of starting out. Honestly, I don't regret it. They've served me very well.

Quality is great, comparable to MAC I would say. It falls out a little, but not much. It's soft to the touch and applies wonderfully. Not to mention, the colors are a breath of fresh air to the usual, admittedly boring handles. The price may seem a little steep at first, but considering you get 12 brushes and two brush holders, I'd say it's a bit of a steal in comparison to numerous other brushes in the industry.

All in all, I love these brushes, and will use them for years to come.

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Maria Y.
sigma brush

I have been hearing only good things aboout these brushes, but cannot figure out if i should or should not buy them. Are there anyone who have had bad experinces with them???

Erin M.
Love 'em!

I purchased the "Make Me Cool" teal set. I thought the color went well with my room decor. And I must say, so far I love them. The F80 large powder brush is the softest brush I've ever felt. Yes, upon the initial wash I did notice that the F80 brush did shed (2 -4 hairs to be exact) and the dye was washing out. Dye also did wash out of the F50 duo fibre brush. True, they are not MAC, but neither is the price.They are Definitely worth the money. I'm glad I gave in to the Youtube hype.

Abi H.
My First and Favorite Set!

I spent a great deal of time researching and comparing brush sets. I had money set aside to spend but I wanted to be sure it was going towards a quality set of brushes - I am incredibly happy with my decision to purchase the Make Me Classy (black) set. You get what you pay for with these brushes. There was some shedding at first, but that was expected. The brushes are sturdy and the black/silver combination looks incredibly sharp sitting on my vanity. This is my first complete brush set and I couldn't be happier!

Theresa G.

I own the teal set and I couldn't be more happy. After spending a good amount of money on MAC brushes I told myself there has to be same quality and cheaper in price brushes out there. It us perfect to leave on the vanity and close up the container and go.