Blending Eye Brush

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Monique S.

This brush allows precise blending, I like this for blending cream products. Blending comes out diffused and subtle.

Star Y.
Great Eye Brush

Loving this brush as an eyeshadow brush. I use this brush for my crease and it works really well. Sometimes I am able to blend out my eyeshadows with this brush and sometimes I just can't but its not the brush's fault and more of mine because i prefer using a different brush. I have about 3 of these and it's a good brush to add to your collection. Overall, I would recommend this brush to everyone to try out.

Tyni R.
Cheap + Good = Great!

It costs $3 in my country but I guess that's pretty cheap compared to the other brands. It works great and the small bristle helps reach/blend my lower lids as well. The size is just the perfect size for traveling.

Nicole R.

Love Love Love it for $1 you cannot pass it up i bought mine from target and loved it so much that i went back and bought 2 more Its soft and has a good density for really blending out colors and helps in creating the perfect smokey look, i would reccomend this brush to anyone looking for an alternative to more expensive brands. XOXO

Maria Y.

I really like this brush, i mainly use this to fade out the colors in my crease area. Beside that i love to use this brush for smokey eye effect, makes my eyes look more dramatic. And for the prices this work perfect for me. ;)

Sheena K.
Photo of product included with review by Sheena K.

i love this brush, i don't use this for blending, i use this for like adding color on my crease, and it is soft! i know this cost a dollar in the states but here in the philippines it cost twice, but, i don't care this does wonders on me. i love elf products.

Rachel A.

I love this brush - it really excells against its price. Its soft and is my favourite for adding colour to my crease. It only sheds when I was it, which doesn't bother me at all.

Elaina Y.
Works great!

Initally when I bought this brush I just kept it laying around in my brush roll. Since then I've actually really liked using this brush. I find that it's is great for blending out the harsh lines of the crease and the outter V. This brush is quite full, and really soft. I love the shape of it, it gives me great control when blending eyeshadow. Sometimes I also use this to apply highlighter on my brow bone, which it does a great job. I would highly recommend this brush!

Autumn C.

Works great. I had one strand that came loose but it wasnt a big deal. I cant imagine ever not having one of these again. Washes easily and Blends beautifully!

Theresa G.
Not for me : (

I tried to grow to love this brush cause for the price you can't go wrong. But it just wasn't working for me. It sheds a lot and doesn't blend the shadows the way I would like it to. It has more of a pointed finish more like a pencil brush so that it what I use it for.