WONDER WOMAN Mineralize Skinfinish


Maria Y.

When i saw this in the store i could not believe, how big in size it is compared to their regular size skinfinishes. I love the fact that you have 2 colors to choose from and this makes it an ideal product to have when you are travelling.

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Nina T.

love it.............. love the whole collection... I love the fact that is HUGE! the middle part can be used a contouring. the bottom area can be used as a blush. and the gold can be used as a highlighter. the contouring middle part is a little dark for me, so i have to just use a little. the blush, i LOVE. its a cute color and looks amazing on me. the gold, i LOVE LOVE LOVE. i use the gold to highlight the inside of my eyes to brighten them up.

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Amanda K.
a must have

i bought both mineralize palettes from this collection, pink power and this.. this is slightly more bronze, as the names would suggest.. they are very fun, unique products... theyre made in italy, HUGE, and so much fun.. i blend all the shades together for a perfectly bronzed/shimmered/highlit look.. or once in a while i will just use a certain section depending on how much colouring i want. a great product, especially for a mac junkie like me =]

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Alyssa S.

I love this product, i use it everyday, even when i dont want to do anything else i just wake up put this on my face and it instantly brightens up my face :) LOVEEE LOVE IT

Kinha C.
Kinha C.'s Review Image

it's huge, it's beautiful, the color is amazing, stays on for all day. It's good beacause it has three colors. and it's wonder woman collection! it's my favorite bronzer. The final result is really beautiful