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I love this curler, it curles my lashes and the same time make them seem beautyful. I can only recommed this, and it is small and easy to bring a long with you. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT....

This one of my all time favorite body butters, i love how soft my skin becomes after using this product for a while. And i really love the manago scent, it makes the whole process of using the body butter easy. 2 words: love it

I love this primer, it is so smooth to apply and blends with your skin so easy. And makes my work of creating outstading eye make up easy... Beside that i really love thagt you eye make can stay on my lieds an entire day, until i wash it off....amazing!

Love these lipglosses, i have it a couple of colors and i have to say they are so easy to apply and the texture of them are so good. I do not feel like the lipglosses are sticky, and you are able to get it in different colors. I use them most in the summer, when i want a really natural make up to less make up....LOVE IT!

It is a great nail polish , which you can get in different colors. I love the color variation, and the bottles. But when i apply them to my nails i can only make them look pretty for 3-4 days, because after that they start to crack in the ends....which always results in that i just take it off. But for the price a great nail polish...

I have a couple of the face shimmering whip, and i gotta say i love it. I use it on the top of my cheek bones, just above of my blush and i love how it reflects the ligth and make my make up seem flawless. I love this product

If you use it over a red lip liner this shade is going to stay on your lips for a while, i love the fact it do not dry out my lips as some lipsticks do. The color is not that brigth as i expected it to be, but over all i am glad with the product.

Love how this melts into the skin,and makes a perfect foundation for your face make up, and works also as a primer. I alo do love the texture of this products, it is soft and smoothy and very gentle to your skin.

  • Tan

I love this stick, but i most use it when i am travelling, It covers up spots smoothly, and gives a flawless effect along with a foundation. I do not know what it is but i prefer nyx concealer in jar instead of the stick.

I mostly use this as base and if i some pores to fill them out as well. And after using this you can already see, that it covers yout pores and make them vanish. Great product, but it is a bit costly when you think about how mush you actually get. But the most important thing works!

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