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Armani Code Pour Femme

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peppy g.
Very rich/heavy, but I like it...

I recently revisited this perfume (like 7-8 years after a foreigner boy bought me a bottle during his business trip from Paris—it worried me at the time, because giving a girl perfume is considered bad luck in certain Asian cultures). I found it too strong and rich and heavy the first time I tried it on (to be fair, I was probably too young for it anyway). But now after I let it evaporate a bit, I think I like it more, and it's sweeter after it reacts to my body chemicals. I'm not sure if it's because the scent changed over time, or I just feel differently about it (there are certain perfumes that end up smelling like sweet tea after a while). IDK. But PLEASE DO note that I'm reviewing a 7-8 year-old perfume. It may not smell the same if you get a fresh bottle.

Chey K.

This fragrance is one of the best smelling fragrances i have ever smelled. Ever since i first smelt it I have yet to go back to my previous scent. It is an extremely intense smell that blows your mind.

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Hasini J.
portrays confidence

This is quite incredible and intoxicating. It's sultry and sexy and is great for a date night. It's not much of a day time perfume but it is good for feeling like a powerful, independent woman. It's a strong perfume in which the user oozes confidence and is one of the most mind blowing perfumes i've tried. Very good indeed.

Angel C.
Didnt care for it at all

Well I got it as a gift and lets just say I never have used it again.My boyfriend has the mens and they almost smell the same....Its a shame coz I was all happy till I put it on .It is VERY strong!!!

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Maria Y.

Absolute one of my all time favorite parfumes, i just love this parfume. I loved the vision for women so much that i got the mens edition for my boyfriend. And for me this is one of the parfumes i go to, for a fun evening out with my girls. I can only recommend this and knowing the fact that it cost a bit more than regular parfumes it is worth the money. ;)

Yasmin M.

I love Giorgio Armani's Black Code, ever since the first release in 2007. Once sprayed, it may seem too harsh for the ladies but once the perfume sets on your skin oh wow, it just represent the strong sexy powerful women of our century! ;)

Claire L.

This perfume has that strong distinct smell when you spray it. However, after a while, the strong smell goes away. Hence, it gives that musky smell that is very wearable for events or so. :) This is really a must buy product because it surely does entice you to keep on using it. Its easy to get hooked up to and the price is not that bad. :) Definitely a must buy product! Kudos Giorgio Armani, for this! :>

Myrna P.

This is a strong smell but once it wears down it smells so good. I get compliments with this perfume more than any other. If you like Musky smells, then this is for you

Desiree C.

This perfume is not for the faint of heart. It has a very strong, very musky scent, which iam a fan of, but some might find it a bit overpowering. This is definitely an evening scent, but worn properly, you can totally rock this is the day!. just remember, one spritz and you're set!

Jenny C.
very strong scent

This perfume is not bad, but it is very strong so I got tired of it very quickly. Definitely only for the evening, not day time. If you prefer lighter scents this is not for you.