Envy Me


Rebecca J.
My favorite

I love the smell it lasts long on me. I use it every time I go to work and I got a lot of complements on it. It smells very seductive.

Savannah Z.
My all time favorite! !

I absolutely love this perfume. The scent is fresh, light, and feminine. it says on all day long. I will wear this for the rest of my life! Nothing compares!

Ivy D.
my favorite perfume!

I love love love love this perfume, it has such a soft yet elegant smell to it. It isnt like any other scent out there, it really stands out in a great way. This is my go to perfume, I love it so much, the smell is long lasting. I just wish the bottle was bigger because I go through this perfume really fast because I am always using it! you wont regret it, long lasting smell.

Jessica O.
Fresh and Light

This parfum makes me feel young and bright. It has a fresh, fruity, soft scent. It's more of a daytime scent because it has a light feel to it. It lasts all day on me. I love the simple design. I love the Gucci logo that covers the bottle. It matches my Gucci handbags! The only downside I have on this product is that I finished up this parfum. I need another bottle!

Grace G.

This is such a lovely light scent for summery days. The floral tinge gives it the feminine feel, this combined with the fruity touches makes it absolutely amazing. The bottle is sleek and perfectly sized and lasts for hours. Although this was release ages ago it, I feel like I will carry on using this for a years.

Azra M.

It has a sweet floral and girly scent to it. It smells soo good and fresh. I love wearing during daytime mostly and it stays put throughout the day. I also like the bottle, its pretty.

Maria Y.

This is a ligth and feminine scent, which i mostly use during summer time. For me one of the down side with this parfume,is that the scent do wanish real fast. So if i go out and am away for a while, i have to bring the bottle with me to refresh the scent. Other than that you are going to like it, if you are into fresh, ligth and has a hint of a flower in it but not to much.

Nikki Z.
Sexy smell

This is such a great feminine smell. It doesn't have any scent of any strong fruit in it, and it's a really nice clean floral scent with a modern punch of sweet to it. It lasts all day long and is potent so you don't need a ton to get a nice smell out of it.

Christina P.
Love It

I started selling this my shop about a month ago and I keep selling out. Its smells so wonderful and it has the cutest little bottle that doesnt take up much room. I love sweet scents and this is very good for that.

Noelle M.
very pretty

I got this a while ago, when ulta still had their spend x amount of $ within a certain period of time and you could get a $45.00 or under fragrance for free. I bought this with my points, and have never regretted it, I always get compliments, and my friends love this fragrance. When I run out I will repurchase. It smells great!