Envy Me


Rebecca J.
My favorite

I love the smell it lasts long on me. I use it every time I go to work and I got a lot of complements on it. It smells very seductive.

Savannah Z.
My all time favorite! !

I absolutely love this perfume. The scent is fresh, light, and feminine. it says on all day long. I will wear this for the rest of my life! Nothing compares!

Jessica O.
Fresh and Light

This parfum makes me feel young and bright. It has a fresh, fruity, soft scent. It's more of a daytime scent because it has a light feel to it. It lasts all day on me. I love the simple design. I love the Gucci logo that covers the bottle. It matches my Gucci handbags! The only downside I have on this product is that I finished up this parfum. I need another bottle!

Azra M.

It has a sweet floral and girly scent to it. It smells soo good and fresh. I love wearing during daytime mostly and it stays put throughout the day. I also like the bottle, its pretty.

Christina P.
Love It

I started selling this my shop about a month ago and I keep selling out. Its smells so wonderful and it has the cutest little bottle that doesnt take up much room. I love sweet scents and this is very good for that.

Noelle M.
very pretty

I got this a while ago, when ulta still had their spend x amount of $ within a certain period of time and you could get a $45.00 or under fragrance for free. I bought this with my points, and have never regretted it, I always get compliments, and my friends love this fragrance. When I run out I will repurchase. It smells great!

Janice E.
super sexy feminine scent.

My default fragrance of all time!!it gives off such a light fruity sexy smell!I can never get over it and im almost off and I always get compliments when I wear it too.

Angel F.
girly scent thats not too cloying or overpowering

no matter how much i spritz on, this scent smells just right. Girly and fresh without that super fruity cloying undertones. This lasts me most of the day too. Great staying power! I love this scent

Bebe E.

I've been using this perfum for years now. And till this day I still get compliments on it. My husband love this scent on me too. It is def my HG item and something I will always repurchase again.

Miss N.
Gucci does no wrong

A lot of the perfumes in my collection are buy Gucci. Gucci Envy is in my top 5 for sure! The smell gives any female an added boost of confidence.

I save 15% on mine here it is kinda pricey so I always buy a bottle on sale.