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I LOVE this trio, i got it a year ago and i love it. I use it over a eye shadow primer and it is amazing! It stays on an entire day, and at the same time the colors seem so pigmented. So a small amont goes a long way, and compared to the price these eyeshadows are AMAZING!

Really good mascara to build and get fake eye lashes effect. I mostly use this for a nigth out, or any events. It is easy to apply and gives a very instance black eye lashes. And i love this mascara, it gives my eyes more drama and makes my eye lashes seem more black. LOVE IT

I really love this mascara, it is really black and adds more drama to my eye make up. I love that you can build up, like if you want more dramatic and longer lashes. Then you can keep applying more and more, until you are happy with the results. I love this mascara....can only recommed it!

Great nail polish compared to the price, with a top coat you can prevent your nail polish from cracking. You can get the different colors, with or without glitter. So compared to the price, great nail polish for the price.

I really love this spray for more easy and random hair styles, it work great with my hair and brings out my curles. I love the fact that it does not make my hair look stift, and rather make it look more random.

One of my all time favorite hair sprays, i have been using this product for more than 10 years and i love it. Love how it makes my hair styles stay in place until i wash it off. Love how strong this spray is, becuase even my baby hairs are in place..when i use this product. LOVE IT!

This is my favorite dry sh hair shampoo, i love how it work with my hair. When i use this my, my hair do not feel sticky at all. It leaves mt hair fresh, and with a nice smell. I mostly use it..when i have to do a hair style where i have to tease my hair. Because i feel using this is making my hair style stay in place the entire day, works better than hair spray.

This is one of my all time favorite eye liner for the waterline, i really love how it makes my eyes look darker and is easy to apply. The texture of it is very good and i a great product when you want to create smokey eyes...

I have a couple of the pencils, and they are over all ok. I just use them for my inner corner high light, and to high light my brow bone. I do not feel they are very mush pigmented for my use, but other than than ok for the price.

My signature with make up have for a long time been winged eyes, i have been trying a brunch of liquid eye liners. And i have to say that this eye liner does not work for me at all, it just smudges away after an long day.

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