Jean Paul Gaultier

CLASSIQUE Eau de Toilette


Maria Y.

This one is one of my favorite scents, love the fact it is all over the place when you put it on. I mostly use it for special event. Like if you going out for a nigth or just going to dinner with you girls friends, because trust me people are going to notice you! ;) I love it and can only say i have so many good memories attach to this scent.

shandy e.
Does Not Compare to Le Male

My fiancee wears Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male - which comes in a similar bottle depicting the male form. It is absolutely irresistible - so naturally, I thought the female version would be comparable. I was very wrong. The bottle may be a work of art but what's inside can only be described as heavy and unappealing. I really wanted to like this one but it wasn't meant to be.

Milkiy L.

I'm not impressed at all. It's overwhelming and smells like sandalwood. Very strong smells. Not suitable for hot weather! You may try wear it at night in nightclub or whatever.

Molly O.
Strong and overwhelming

This is an overwhelming, flowery, fragrance that I could imagine on an older woman. I was expecting the fragrance to be lighter because it has vanilla and ginger in it, but it smelled like a strong bouquet of flowers. The fragrance has a hint of musk that I didn't care for. After showering, I apply a squirt of the fragrance on my wrist and neck. The scent is very strong and lasted all day on my skin. By the end of the day, I couldn't stand the scent and had a headache. I would recommend this fragrance to a person that likes strong, flowery, musky scents. I do like the design of the bottle and the design motivated me to try the fragrance. I would compare Jean Paul Gaultiers scent to a much stronger Coco Channel. I would not buy this fragrance again because it gave me a headache and reminded of old lady perfume.

Myrna P.

I do not like this perfume at all. Someone gave it to me completely brand new after they received it as a gift. I now know WHY. Its too strong and overwhelming for me. My husband hates it just as much. Sorry :(