Calvin Klein

ck one


Rachelle-Denise  M.
All For One

I love this perfume. It's very fresh and it's very clean. Calvin Klein has a way of making everything he does very posh, perfumes are not an exception. This is like icing on the top of a well coifed outfit; hair, makeup and outfit.

Mary L.

I love it! Even though I don't own one of them yet but I'm definitely going to buy it. The bottle is very simple yet different. Love it so much.every girl should have one of these.

Bobbi W.

OMG!! I loveee this fragrance right here! It's my go-to cologne! I don't use it al that much JUST because I'm trying to save it LOL. It smells amazing tho, I LOOOOVE Calvin Klein!

Guillermo T.
Love it!!

This is one of my favorites. it provides a not to strong not to sweet scent which can go from day to night anytime of day. i love it. It has become a personal favorite for men or woman when informing them about it. i swear you will live it.

Millie S.

This was my signature scent through high school. I have had many perfumes between then and now but I always come back to this one. Its such an easy scent to wear. I love it. I will ALWAYS have a bottle of this sitting on my vanity ;)

Julia E.
Neutral scent, fresh

I'm not good with identifying purfume fragances, and so I find it a very neutral but fresh scent, also I think rather gender neutral as well. (Not flowery/fruity, and not aftershave-like either) I do find that it doesn't seem to stay on me for very long, since I can never smell it on myself after an hour of putting it on, but I have had a few compliments on the scent, so I guess it did stay on! The lid doesn't fit over top the spray mechanism.

Maria Y.

If you want a super neutral scent, with a hint of freshness to it than this is your product. It is super fresh and is not all over the place. But one of the downside i had with it was the scent did not stay on to long, and i had to apply more during the day. But other than that it is a great scent if you want something neutral in scent.

Raiden Q.

i got this for christmas this year, and i have to say im already OBSESSED! i didnt even spray that much on me, and it lasted for hours! it also smells so good! i have no idea what the notes are, but it smells like what you would want your man to smell like haha!