Ralph Lauren



Fiona W.

I really like this perfume because it is a perfect scent for me as it is nice and refreshing and doesn't smell fake. It also has a long lasting smell so I don't need to top it up every hour of the day! Really good product!

Saby T.

I really like this perfume.it has this sweet scent to it that is not too heavy,just light.Its just a fresh scent and though i dont wear it often,i like this one.

Alisia G.

This scent is super fresh with an aqua tone. I absolutely adore it. The fragrance is simple, easy going and light. Good for everyday use, it'll remind you of the beach

Brownmoriah D.
Great fresh scent

This and turquatic are my go to everyday favs for scent been wearing it since eleventh grade and im a junior in college now. On my third bottle plus i keep a sample size in my purse but i never even need it because staying power lasts great!

Paula S.

This is my ultimate fragance. I have always love it! When I combine this fragance with vanilla lace spray from VS it's a bomb, guys ask me which is that delicious fragance I'm using. No joke.

Natalie K.
Fruity, fresh & feminine!

My mum bought me this perfume back from holidays every year when I was a teenager. I loved it! The packaging is plain but cute and it lasts for ages after you spray it. Price wise it's slightly higher end but as it lasts so long I think it's really good value.

Beauty P.

This is the BOMB!! I swear its like the best perfume ever. One of my all time favorites! It smells soooo good and last on you for a while! Everybody should own one of this babies seriouslyy! (:

Mnsrrt M.

The smell is so fresh, gentle fruity, very soft sweetness, pleasant scent, perfect, I really love this perfume, for use everyday. It is simply exquisite, Is simply perfect for me.

Brenda X.
My summer love

Very fruty, fresh and energizing scent but girly and sexy at the same time! It is perfect for wear everyday, in the day and spring-summer time. I used to wear it when I was in high school but I still love it! hahaha

Nik Von B.
Fresh Summer Scent

I have worn this perfume since high school! Eep 12 years! Its fresh, young, a bit fruity and just very summery. It doesn't overwhelm. It is zesty; definitely some mandarin present. It has stood the test of time because I still love it.