Studio Kabuki Face Brush

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Shannon T.
It's soooo Fluffy, i think i'm gonna die!

I might have a little too many kabuki's but this is just adding on to my collection. I love how fluffy and soft it is, the price which was definitely worth every mili-cent of it and the fact that it doesn't take forever to blend! I initially was gonna give this brush to a friend of mine after thinking that I have too many of em', looks like I would've regretted it big time if I did!

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Paulihna S.
fluffy, soft, dense, cheap, love

i honestly cannot complain about this brush. is sooooooo soft, it gives great coverage, its only $5, it does not shed, easy to work with, compact and i looooooooooooooooooooove it <3

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Taylor J.

I use this everyday! It's so soft and its pretty dense. It blends foundation so perfectly making you appear flawless. Elf usually has very high quality products and this is no exception. I would recommend this to anyone! :)

Rachel A.

So soft and works amazingly well with any powder and I feel like I sould have paid more than £5 for it! Easy to wash as well. My only con is that it had a dent in the bristles due to the way it was packaged but it went away after a few washes.

Anneka F.

Amazing. Super soft. Dense enough to get good coverage. Cheap as chips! Love it to bits. Any ELF studio line brushes would make a great gift to someone as well! This is gorgeous.

Justyne L.
Love it already!

I just got this in the mail and I'm already loving it! It's really soft and puts on product nicely and blends it good too

Samantha G.
my favorite!

this was IMPOSSIBLE to pick up off elf's website so as soon as it was available, i bought 2 haha. this brush is so soft and picks up product wonderfully! i use mine everyday with my powders. it retains it shape beautifully after washing as well!

Tiffany Z.

I love this kabuki brush! it works really well with liquid and powder foundation. It's super soft and applies makeup so nice and even. This was the first one i ever bought and i really love it. Even after i washed it a bunch of times, it's still super soft and still works really well.

Jaleesa P.

Love this brush and its the softest Kabuki I have ever felt. After opening, I couldn't stop touching and stroking the brush because I couldn't believe how soft it was. Once washed, the softness is still there.

Sarah G.
Hell Yes!

When I first opened the package I spent 30 min or so just brushing it along my arm and talking about how soft it was... (yeah... Im weird I guess)

I will definitely try their other brushes.