Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner


Leslie C.
Gel eyeliner

I enjoyed using this although I wish i didn't have to reapply so often;smears a lot too but other than that it does its job comes with a brush too so a bonus for me (:

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Sarah B.
My Go To Liner

Wonderful pay off for a very inexpensive price! I use this to line my eyes everyday. Can be used on water line, and I also like to blend it on my lid for a dark base. Works just as well for me as more expensive alternatives. If you haven't given this a try, I highly suggest you save yourself some money and try out this liner!

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Sam R.
Actually liked this!

I bought this not expecting much because I'm more of a liquid liner type of girl but I was surprised by how much I actually like this! The only down part is the brush I use mine instead with a real techniques liner brush instead of the one that came with the line for better precision. So in the end I find myself reaching for this now instead of my trusty liquid liner

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Shana R.
So good I won't use anything else again!

By far the best eyeliner I've used. The gel eyeliner is long lasting and once applied it will last throughout the day without fading or needing to be reapplied. The gel itself is creamy and smooth and is easy to apply with the brush that's provided. The brush is ideal for creating fine lines as well as bolder thicker ones. This product is so good I won't use anything else again!

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Stephanie F.
its ok

good price but doesnt last me all day. love the texture and how dark and intense the black was my eyelids are not dry but ive had other gel eyeliners that stay put but come with a bigger price.

Diana R.

It's good in the winter but if it's too hot and get oily it sweaty more like me, it will smudge and run. I like my eyeliner to stay in tact all day so this wasn't for me. Oh and if you're tight lining with this, it starts to run also.

Sim T.

I personally LOVE this eyeliner. I've had it for over 2 years, and it's still decently easy to apply. The color is heavily pigmented and thick, my only problem is that it tends to smudge on my lower lashline. It stays put on my waterline, but if i apply it any lower I get panda eyes in an hour >.<

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Rebecca M.
Pretty good

This product is pretty good but dries way too quickly :/ I think it's way too much money for the amount of product. I recommend the wet n wild gel eyeliner better

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Hailey H.
Photo of product included with review by Hailey H.

I don't really like this product. It's very creamy but through out my day I found that it was getting on my crease from my eyes being open. I would never use it again because I looked like a hot mess with it on! Probably one of the worst gel eyeliners I have ever bought!

Arianne C.
Pretty average.

I've been buying and using this product for the last 2 years because it's reasonably cheap. But after a few uses, I noticed it dries out and loses it's creaminess, no matter how tightly I put the lid on. The only way I can finish a pot is to mix in a spray or two of Mac Fix +. This is probably the last time I'll purchase it.

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