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I have these shadows in the shades Sunday and Rose Gold and they're both so lovely! I have to say that Rose Gold is so unique though! They apply beautifully and these shades give such a subtle, gorgeous look!

My Favorite Makeup Remover Thus Far

I wasn't really sure what this was before I looked into it and I have to say I didn't have high hopes. I was confused as to how water could remove makeup. I just keep learning not to judge a book by its cover! This works SO well at removing makeup. I personally prefer it for the eye area because no matter what, I won't skip washing my face with my usual cleanser, so it is a bit redundant for me to use this to remove all my foundation and then wash. I do like to use it after, however, to make sure everything was removed! If you've tried Cold Cream, you should definitely give this a shot! I love how cold cream removes makeup but not that I'm left with "foggy vision" if I'm not careful. This product doesn't give that effect at all and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!

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New Favorite Liner!

I got this the other day (crazy fast shipping from Beautylish, btw!) and I'm really loving it so far! I wore it for about seven hours and I didn't experience any transferring/bleeding/smearing, etc. I know there's been complaints about that happening and it worried me a bit since I have hooded lids and I live in Florida. However, I'm pleasantly surprised! It is SO creamy, making winged liner incredibly easy, and it's pitch black!


This mascara really is amazing. I received the deluxe sample size of it with the order of a Naked 2 palette. It curls my lashes and holds the curl all day. I only needed one coat and while applying I held my lashes up with the wand and waited a few seconds. It's better than any other mascara I own, truly in love with it!

I like

When I first got this I was really excited to try it out because when I saw swatches of it it was a really nice light pink color. Then when I got home and put it on it was so much darker (I have pretty pigmented lips) and I was really disappointed, pretty much gave up on it. Recently I tried putting a concealer on my lips and then wearing it. Much..much better. It was just what I wanted/expected when I first tried wearing it. No longer disappointed, it feels really good on my lips and I love the color. It does fade rather quickly but it's like a lip balm so I don't expect it to be long wearing.


I got this yesterday and I haven't used it alone on my eyes yet but I did test on my hand. After about a minute of letting it dry, I started to test it. I rubbed it and rubbed it and it didn't smudge, which really surprised me. I'm not sure why I was so set on expecting it to be all over the place, it didn't even move until I applied water. (Maybe the price of $1) I think for only a dollar it's a great product with a nice bold color. It works better than 90% of my pencil liners and I'm definitely going to get more if I can.

I like it, but I don't LOVE it.

I really like that this foundation has a pump. I use this as an alternative to my MUFE HD Foundation. I think the only thing I don't like in this is the shimmer, it's not as intense as some people make it sound, such as referring it to Edward Cullen's sparkle, because from what I've experienced it is nowhere near that overwhelming. I think I would love this product a lot more without the shimmer, though. I don't think it works as well as the MUFE Foundation, but it definitely is a good alternative since it's not something you want to waste for everyday wear. Also, with some powder the shimmer is less noticeable. Another problem though is that when I wash my face, I can still see some shimmer left on it, which kind of bugs me but it hasn't made me break out so I'm just doing my best to get it all off and keep my face as clean as possible.


I got this for only a dollar, so it's not like I lost much, but it's way too sticky. I couldn't even stand the way it felt on my lips and took it off immediately. It's too gooey and too sticky and messy. I was hoping for something better because I really liked the color but, I guess it's true you get what you pay for.

Pigmented, colorful, perfect.

This was my very first big eye shadow palette. These eye shadows have great pigmentation and there really isn't anything bad to say about it. I love all the colors, though many aren't exactly for everyday wear, they're still great to look at and to know you have if ever the occasion comes. The shipping was also remarkable. I absolutely love this and I want to get the neutral palette next.

Definitely the best I've tried.

This foundation is by far the best I've tried. Though, it may just be me and my skin, but I feel like my skin looks a bit "flaky" after putting it on. But after I apply powder it looks much better and very flawless. It is also more dewy than I thought, but I actually like that because it's almost like giving you a choice, since applying powder also fixes that problem and makes it look very natural. I want to find a cheaper alternative to this though because the price is it's con and isn't quite everyday material. If anyone knows any good cheap alternatives, I'd really appreciate the tip! Overall, I'm really happy I got it.

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