Colorburst Lip Butter


Nikki L.
Perfect for Lipstick Newbies

I have never been a lover of lip products. I can't stand the sticky finish of lipglosses and the wide range of shades baffles me. My friend recommended these to me as some of the shades are sheer and add a little pop of colour without being too heavy! They are moisturising and do not have a sticky finish! Definitely recommend!!!

Amelia R.

I have to say they are the most moisturizing lipsticks because of the butter. I have two Strawberry Shortcake and Cupcake and I love them both they are amazing and they have great pigmentation.

Olivia D.

Omg love these!!!!U need them!!!!They go on so smooth and shiny that u don't even need a gloss!!!I love the shade strawberry shortcake!!!Plz like my profile.....byyyeeee!!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘love u guys!!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘ya....I'm weird......byeeeeee (again) 😜

Emma G.

I love these lipsticks. There's at least 4 of these in my purse and they work amazing. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to get these but when I saw the good reviews on Youtube I was impressed and I'm glad I bought it. 💄

Sophie N.

I am obsessed with this! It makes my lips look so full, and beautifully natural! I definitely recommend this product. It does not dry out my lips, and is so perfect for me! My friend got cotton candy, and she loved it.

nee v.

LOVE THIS COLOR!!!!!! gives a hint of color to my lips and also compliments an outfit you wear. It looks like it's really pink but really it's light pink and if you want the color to pop just got to apply on a lot and you got yourself pink lips like Barbie!

Jessica R.
Favorite Lip Color For Summer

I absolutely love the Revlon Lip Butters and especially love this shade. It's the perfect shade for summer and the consistency of the product is extremely smooth and creamy. You get the moisture of a lip balm and the color pay off of a lip tint. The color pay off of these Lip Butters is extremely exceptional. You're spending a little extra, but it's worth every penny!

Heather L.
Holy Grail Lip Product

I wasn't sure if I would like this because of all the hype. Turns out that am completely obsessed with them. I hate the feeling of lipsticks which is why i am even more crazy about this product. I purchased the shades Strawberry Shortcake and Peach Parfait because they are more everyday shades. Also my mom has Berry Smoothie and I'm loving that shade too. There are so many more that I want to buy!!

Anna D.
Made it to HG List!

Absolutely love my Lip butter! I have Strawberry Shortcake, Tutti Frutti, and Sweet Tart, but I love Strawberry Shortcake the most. ;) They glide on smoothly and have both the components of a lipstick and a chapstick. :) These babies are super hydrating and the only fault there will be is when you choose the wrong color for you. Sweet Tart was one I wanted the most, but is the one I like the lease out of my 3 because it doesn't work for me. So, find a color that willl suit your lips and skin tone, and you're bound to love this product!

Amanda D.

I remember getting mixed reviews on this product, but of course I just HAD to try it! I bought one just to make sure that it was not going to be a mistake and I regret not buying more!

They are super moisturizing, pigmented , amazing packaging and longevity! It is definitely a product worth trying/considering!