HD Invisible Cover Foundation


Lala L.

It was ok .. I like full coverage foundations and I chose MUFE Matte Velvet over this one . If you're looking for a more natural look , I suggest use this foundation .

Ellie H.
it's okay!

I heard great reviews on this foundation, so I went and purchased it, they matched my skin tone and found the perfect colour. I decided to wear it to a concert to see my favourite band. and by the end of the night / midway into the show, my face looked so pale and shiny. It didn't last long nor give off amazing pictures. It all depends, some days it works excellent and others not really. overall : it's okay.

Angelica T.
I will wear this foundation FOREVER.

Simply the best. I have been using this foundation for years now, and don't see myself switching anytime soon. Seriously will make your skin look meticulously flawless. The coverage is insane, but never feels like too much. The application is smooth and feels like velvet on your skin. Most days, I use my fingers to apply it, but if I want fuller coverage I just switch over to a brush. Either way, my skin never looked better. Often when I wear it, I find I don't necessarily need concealer either. Although, the MUFE concealer (which I also adore,) works perfectly with this foundation, as you can match it exactly to your foundation color and/or skin tone. Also they offer a wide variety of shades, which I really appreciate due to my skin's yellow undertones. Invisible Cover offers everything I look for in a foundation: full and flawless coverage, matches my skin perfectly, and lasts for hours and hours! Thank you Make-Up Forever!

Angelica T.
Simply the best.

This foundation will make your skin appear meticulously flawless. The coverage is absolutely incredible. And it has a silky smooth application. I usually use my fingers to apply it, but for more coverage will switch to a brush. Usually when I use this foundation, I don't even need to apply concealer. (Although the MUFE concealer works wonderfully with this, and you can match your concealer exactly to the foundation.) They also carry a fairly wide range of shades, which I reaaaally appreciate since my skin has yellow undertones. This is truly the only foundation I have found that has everything I look for in a foundation. It matches my skin perfectly, provides full and even coverage, and stays put for hours and hours. Thank you Make Up Forever!

Tina H.
Not good for my skin.

I have dry skin and I don't think this is a suitable product for dry skin whatsoever! While it's not 100% matte, it just doesn't look good. It does accentuate dry spots and makes my skin look kind of lackluster. I wouldn't recommend this product for someone with dry skin.

Liz R.
Amazing foundation

This foundation is so amazing for all skin types!! I personally have super oily skin and it still looks great throughout the day on me. I just set it in the morning me and blot in the middle of the day and my skin looks so healthy and flawless! I think people with dry skin would love this foundation even more!!

Carolina C.
Does not work for me

It is a good foundation with wonderful coverage, and I got it because a sales girl told me it would work with my dry skin... but if you have dry, dehydrated skin, like me, it will probably not work for you. I find it makes me even more dry and gives me terrible cake-face. I still wear it for stage makeup (I am a dancer), and it tends to hold well under the lights, and I find it works quite well for photos, if the built in flash is not used. If you have dry skin and still want this, be aware that it is not going to be a dewy/natural finish on you, but super matte. Wear TONS of moisturizer under it, or add a little bit of mineral oil to it. I add argan or jojoba oil to mine when I use it.

Megan G.
The best you'll ever get:)
Photo of product included with review by Megan G.

Dry skin? Oily skin? Need maximum coverage? Want a new look? This is definitely the foundation YOU need!!! It works so well with any skin type! Some days my skin is oily and smooth and some days it is dry and rough and either way this foundation goes on flawlessly! It covers every blemish I have and makes me completely confident without looking like a cake face! I have suggested it to all of my friends and they all love it:)

Rachel G.
Special Occaisons.

I was recommended this product by the make up forever consultant at Sephora. I do like this product but find it too heavy for everyday use, so I only use it when I want more coverage. I do think there are cheaper products out there that do the same thing. I use the Maybelline Matte & Poreless foundation which gives the same effect but somehow doesn't feel as heavy. In general though, it's a good product for special occasion use, but I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use.

Angel A.

I am over 40 and have combination skin. This foundation went on nicely but looked heavy in about half an hour. I settles into fine lines and actually seems to age the skin. It is buildable and photographs well as long as it is NOT HD or close up. I never wear it during the day for this reason, and feel it is a poor quality that does not measure up to the price. I have been happy with other products from this line.