Photo Ready Makeup SPF 20


Christa S.
I like it, but I don't LOVE it.

I really like that this foundation has a pump. I use this as an alternative to my MUFE HD Foundation. I think the only thing I don't like in this is the shimmer, it's not as intense as some people make it sound, such as referring it to Edward Cullen's sparkle, because from what I've experienced it is nowhere near that overwhelming. I think I would love this product a lot more without the shimmer, though. I don't think it works as well as the MUFE Foundation, but it definitely is a good alternative since it's not something you want to waste for everyday wear. Also, with some powder the shimmer is less noticeable. Another problem though is that when I wash my face, I can still see some shimmer left on it, which kind of bugs me but it hasn't made me break out so I'm just doing my best to get it all off and keep my face as clean as possible.

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Stephanie T.

I heard a lot of good things about this foundation, and for me, it lives up to what everyone says about it. I don't have oily skin so the slight shimmer really does me justice. This gives me great coverage and stays on all day with a primer. I love it.

Kelsey I.

I usually have a hard time with foundation since it will often break me out, however this did not do that. The coverage was about medium and it left a nice finish to my skin. I definitely recommend this product to those who have trouble with foundations breaking them out.

Nicole S.
#2 Holy Grail foundation!

I love this foundation so much! I have very oily, acne prone skin. I have been using Revlon Colorstay Foundation for 2 years now. It is my all-time favorite. The thing is, I make youtube videos and when I wear Revlon Colorstay in the videos, it looks like a mask. Photo Ready brightens my skin and leaves it glowing. The downside is, this foundation must be built up to cover imperfections. This is my "almost favorite" foundation!

Rachel A.

I bought this foundation the minute it came out in Vanilla and really loved how well the colour matched my skin. I repurchased it in the wrong colour (Shell) which was annoying, but Shell still works for me. It's great as it isnt too heavy but gives a great coverage, especially with a stippling brush. The shimmer is annoying but a little powder to set it and I hardly notice.

Cassandra W.
Good for photos or night.

This is a good foundation for photos and night outings. It has way too much sparkle in it for summer or daytime though and the coverage is a little lacking.....but if you are looking for something light to wear out dancing or to dinner this is a great product.

Meredith K.

I'm iffy about this foundation. At first I liked it, until I realized that it had tiny specs if shimmer in it. The shimmers excentuated my pores and dry spots. I put this foundation in the back of my drawer. I evetually threw it out. I ended up going to the drugstore and picking it up to try it out again. I mixed it with my MAC Face and Body Foundtion for Prom, and it gave a good finish and came out well in pictures. My major problem IS the Shimmers. To me, it doesn't give a "glow".

Kristina H.
Good skin days only.

Firstly, with this product you want to use a primer. Secondly, if you are not having a clear skin day, this will make you angry and possibly ruin the start of your day. Nothing like shimmer over some blemishes to say "disco party on my face!". However, if you are indeed having a good skin day this is pretty decent to wear on a not-so-hot day. (melty shimmer? No thanks). I had initially bought this during the fall, and all was well... or so I thought. I don't know if this made me break out, but I broke out never the less and this does help conceal and hide the fact more so than make it stand out like a sore thumb.

I should chuck this since I do not use it enough to let it ferment and get worse. Lessons to be learned from me and others: Do not buy if you have oily skin, do not buy if you have acne prone skin, do not buy with the intention of wearing during those hot summer days just because it has SPF 20 in it.

I love the packaging, pump foundations=love. Other than that... I'd say buy with caution.

Sarah M.

Not for me. It was too shimmery and ended up making my oily skin extra oily -__- I love color-stay foundation but this is a bit of a fail. It really enhanced by pores and the coverage is fairly light. If you're looking for less coverage this may work for you.

Lauren C.
not so hot...

I got this in a swap. The only reason why this has 1 and a half stars for me is because I didn't have to pay for it, and I like the packaging. The color match is pretty good (I'm somewhere in between a MAC NC15-NC20.). However, upon application it makes my combo skin even worse. The areas I'm semi dry in (and not super dry) look flaky and gross, and the areas I'm moderately oily in (not super oily) become grease slicks. The shimmer doesn't help, and in sunlight I look like a glitter bomb. Not a fan.