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Modster Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments


Trisha W.
Rose Gold is a must have for blue eyes
Trisha W.'s Review Image

I've been having a lot of fun playing around with these pressed pigments. I prefer a pigment type shadow and so naturally had to add these to my collection. I have worn rose gold on my lids everyday since I got it and am so happy with it. I have worn it with a primer and it still looks nice after 12 hours and without a primer it stays pigmented but I have noticed that it will transfer to my crease from my lid. I do have hooded eyes and I have been wearing it during HOT weather. I prefer the metallic shades to the matte shades as I feel like they are creamier where the mattes (in typical matte form) are a little chalky. Here are swatches of every shade except Hell (in ascending order left to right) Vintage Gold, Peacock, Royal, Orchid, Punch, Tangerine, Disco, Rose Gold, Copper, Heaven, Sunday.

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Christa S.
Christa S.'s Review Image

I have these shadows in the shades Sunday and Rose Gold and they're both so lovely! I have to say that Rose Gold is so unique though! They apply beautifully and these shades give such a subtle, gorgeous look!

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Michelle W.
My go to!

This is my rescue shadow. If I've created a look and something has gone drastically, horribly wrong, this is the shadow I throw on top to easily transform any mishap into magic. It's hands down the best Rose Gold shadow I've ever tried, and can stand on it's own. I agree that the size is small, but it's also a powerhouse. With regular usage, I barely see a dip in the pan. It's an incredibly soft formula, which on the downside means that if you drop it, it will shatter.

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Genevieve H.
Impressive wear time

The rose gold shade is nuanced, with slight hints of pink, gold and purple in the mix. The eyeshadow wore well throughout the entire day. It faded slightly toward the end of the day, and did not crease at all. Beautiful eyeshadow, well worth the price.

Tanya F.

This eyeshadow is SO pigmented and reflected. I can't even begin to explain the beauty! I have the rose gold and copper and I'm in love with them. They are such a perfect eyeshadow. I can't believe that I just discovered these. They are a must have for any eyeshadow-lover out there. Just beautiful!

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