Hypershine Gloss


Molly R.

Okay so heres the thing lip gloss is one of those things that really all depends on the person, you really should try it for your self and for a 1$ there really is no reason why you can't. :) . This is my favorite lip gloss. I love the colour the smell and I dont mind sticky and kind of like it ( I have short hair so i don't have to worry about it getting in my gloss). I have re-purchaser this gloss like 4 times, I love it that much. So I think if you are looking to try it them what do you have to loss the most is 1$ and you may find your new fav gloss.

Tiffany M.

i love this gloss its amazing i wear it all the time and i love the color fairy its perfect for me and the price is amazing as well

Cristina L.
Photo of product included with review by Cristina L.

That becomes truth! It's a really nice shine gloss, ok, maybe a little sticky, but If you don't care, it's perfect!, because it's cheap, and you can wear it alone and has a nice tone, or on top, like the frost on a cupcake ha ha..sweet! But,,, don't expect smell or taste, because it hasn't..

glamourandgloss m.
Love the Color, so nice and glossy!

I love super glossy lips especially when all my other make is real simple, anything with a brush applicator is also a plus, the color is nice and light. This has great shine. The fact you twist to get the product out makes me feel like I am not wasting the product!

Qian W.

These are perfect to bring to school, they are small enough to carry around easily. There is decent pigmentation, nothing amazing, it is only a $1 afterall. The texture is sticky, so pass on this product on a windy day, but it does give your lips a shiny, pretty glossy finish that is nice to add to a simple clean look.

Rachael Y.
Pretty Good

I just bought fairy... figured I would try it for the price. I am pleasantly surprised. It is not sticky and the taste is not bad. I would def buy this again in this color and other colors. Comparing this to stila... I think it is just as good (but cheaper). I dont think that I will be buying stila anymore b/c this is less money. I am saving $$$ where ever whenever.

Miz Daryl I.

I received this as a free gift from ELF & it was my first lip product I have tried from them. (I buy other lip products) This isn't too great for my liking. The color on the tube comes out pinky nude, but when I put it on you can hardly tell there's any color. It's on the sticky side and you need to reapply every few hours or so.

In all, I was not too fond of this item and I am glad I received it without cost from ELF.

Nikki C.
Decent for the price.

This product is terribly sticky and wears off quite easily. It does, however, have a bubble gum scent and the taste is quite pleasant. The colour is also very sheer, but I was not expecting super high pigmentation anyway. I have to moisturize my lips before application. I ordered in two shades, Flirt and Sugar Plum, except Sugar Plum is NOTHING like the swatch on the website! I'm hoping it was just a mix-up, because I've seen that happen before with elf products and others have said that when they received Sugar Plum it was very true to colour! Fairy is a pretty sheer pink. For a dollar I can't complain too much about this product.

Mari R.
Spend your money on a better product.

I usually tend to like E.L.F. make up products. They're undeniably amazing & the fact that they are inexpensive is a great plus. Unfortunately, I did not like this gloss. It is too sticky & no one likes guey lips. They're not kissable whatsoever! My niece enjoys using the gloss, but yet again she's six. This product isn't worth spending your dollar on.

Sidney M.

I hate this lip gloss because it is sooo sticky! I find my lips sticking together when ever I wear this. Althout it is cheap it will be a dollar you wish you hadent spent!!