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Similar yet different

I am one of those girls who lives for the perfect red lip. At one point I wore Ruby Woo nearly every single day this fall and winter. With that being said RiRi Woo is subtle remix of Ruby Woo. The color is the exact same as Ruby Woo w/ the exception of a small change in the undertone that makes it appear a smidge brighter (maybe more blue was added). Another difference is the formula, which to me makes this a better take on Ruby Woo. Although both are matte lipsticks RiRi is a lot less drying and goes on a lot more smoother than Ruby which really makes RiRi Woo a winner in MY book. Bottom Line: If you already have Ruby Woo and the formula doesn't bother you, or just don't want to shell out the extra cash then you will be just fine w/o RiRi Woo when it is re-released in June. I however will try to get my hands on another one just for the formula alone.


I have quite a few of these glosses and I love them, I like to wear them alone or as a lip combo w/ other lip colors/products. My Fave everyday gloss is natural it gives a perfect balance of matte and glossy all in one if that makes sense. I love that it is so affordable too! My local beauty supply sells them for $1.99

WOC Friendly

If you are a darker complected WOC then I reccommend Heather Silk and Mellow Wine those are two blushes that I would recommend to everyone and Heather silk can almost be a dupe for MAC Desert rose, its just slightly darker.

My Summer Staple

Its a great tinted moisturizer/tinted primer, I wear it w/ a primer underneath (out of habit) and set it with a powder on the days I don't want that natural dewy finish it leaves u with. I love how a little bit of this product goes a long way and I also love the dual usage (can be worn as a tinted primer or moisturizer)

Best Drugstore Lippies!

I have quite a few of these lipsticks! I have been in love w/ matte lipsticks lately. I never found them to be drying but I also exfoliate my lips almost every day and I always moisturize my lips prior to putting on ANY lip product. Almost all the colors look great on any complexion!

Have purchased multiple times

I really like this product...I mean realistically it doesn't give u the appearance of false lashes but it does enhance them drastically. It does both lengthen and volumize like a great mascara is supposed to...I still give it five stars b/c I don't really expect any mascara to give me the appearance of falsies.

Its perfect...if you have desert dry skin!

I am not really an oily person but I do have issues w/ my t-zone in the summer...I promise I tried to give it a chance but it never grew on me...the foundation is so oily...after a an hour or so I was so ready to go home and wash my face! I looked so shiny and thats w/ the use of a face primer and matte creme gel and setting I am sure I would probably be slimy w/o all of that lol. This foundation is very not oil but GREASEY! The foundation does oxidize to "fit" your complexion to an extent, but even if they did broaden their color spectrum I still wouldn't buy this product again, not unless they make some formula changes. Maybe I will give it another go around when Texas cools down lol

One of the worst...

I personally am only a fan of covergirl's lip products and select eyeshadows and this foundation proves why! The texture is the worst it feels like paint on your face, non-blending, and it smells HORRIBLE! Not to mention it doesnt match that well...I understand its drugstore, but there are drugstore foundations that compliment a variety of undertones as well as skintones! My honest opinion, the money u were going to spend on the foundation use it towards their newer lipsticks like the shade Divine lol


Love it this is my fave lip balm (besides old faithful carmex, but carmex smell..not cute! lol) I love the smell the texture, and the ergonomic shape. I don't know how my lips made it through life prior to EOS! I keep one in my bathroom, one on my vanity and one in my purse, this Texas heat is the only thing keeping me from leaving one in my car lol...I don't know about other areas but my local walmart carries them at the cheapest price so check walmart or even Amazon.

Good Product

Love the bronzer, compliments all skintones, I actually ended up purchasing this bronzer when I was unable to find the one I normally use, but I had desperatly needed bronzer to highlight and it looked like one of the better ones that wasn't too shimmery...

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