Dream Fresh BB Cream


Arie C.
I love it

It helps for day make up. Really light and it has SPF 30 also I use my hands to put it on so it blends really well ! It doesn't give me enough coverage. But it does make it look like I don't have on make up I love it

Luna B.
Oily skin beware

I have oily skin and this provided very good coverage for a bb cream. As soon as I put it on, I looked shiny. I think the purpose was for it to look dewy. So I set it with a powder but I was starting to get shiny within about 20 minutes. It was really annoying to have to blot constantly. This is great for dry skin for a dewy look but horrible for oily skin.

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Tonya W.
Not the best...not the worst.

This was my first time trying a BB cream of any kind. The reviews I read and saw on blogs and YT were mixed. I chose the deep shade . It's oily but when I set it with powder, it does ok. It gives a slight coverage, nothing to rave about. I think its best to use it as a first step prior to your foundation. I don't complain too much because the price point is affordable. If I had paid $30 or more, I would expect more.

Jo H.
Its pretty decent..

The medium/deep was the perfect shade, (I used it during the summer so I had a slight tan). I love how easy it glides on and I found blending with my fingers to be better than using a brush. If this had a matte finish instead of a 'dewy' finish it'd be perfect. I wouldn't recommend this to people with oily skin because my forehead would look like I put baby oil on after a few hours. If not go for it, its light breathable and perfect for people who don't like heavy foundations.

Jasmine S.

This is great if you have dry skin. Of course the colors aren't a good match so you might need to use two. But I have oily skin & this being an SPF product, they did not get along!

Symone B.

What a lovely tinted moisturizer... I mean BB cream. I admit I was disappointed when the darkest shade isn't deep enough for my complexion. It gave me a ghostly look. But I decided to stick with it and make a concoction(a half of pump of moisturizer, 1 part bb cream and 1 part true match lumi foundation). It gives it a nice polished natural look, that's not too heavy. Not really suited for dark skin but if you're of lighter skin then go for it.

Toyisha A.

Bought this with really high hopes which were destroyed after the first time. Coverage was great but the color was horrible. Left me ashy! Maybe it was the SPF, I don't know. I also tried to use some powder over and that did not work either. It is sad, I really wanted this to work. Oh well, on to the next.

Morgan B.
Tinted moisturizer

I use this almost daily. If applied a bit heavily, it covers more like a liquid foundation. I have to agree when I say it isn't really a BB Cream, but I don't mind that. It doesn't make my face break out, it has a nice warm color, and it's moisturizing, which I need for my dry skin. The color Deep matches my skin tone pretty well. I don't have to use that much for it to blend into my face, and it really lasts. I've had my current tube for a couple of months; you really don't need that much and it lasts for awhile. Plus, I always like makeup with SPF, so that's an added bonus!

Shanay H.
Great everyday wear

It gives light coverage, so not recommended for people with a lot of imperfections. But it works great for me. It corrects my skin, moisturizes and leaves me with a wonderful glow. It does not cake up and when used with a primer and translucent powder stays on all day. I wear it everyday and it works with sensitive skin. The SPF means you do NOT add any more SPF.... Or else you will look very pale.

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Sanctum M.
Good Stuff!

I really like this stuff. Very accessible. You can find bb at any drug store. Light coverage, but with a glowy twist. Easy to apply, and a good price point to boot!