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Girls Round Lip Gloss


Zipporah K.
Good Lipgloss

Ive tried several of these and find them all to be quite good but the one i love the most is dolly pink. It is a light pink color with a purple undertone and it is gorgeous. I wear it alone most of time but find it quite pretty over some lipsticks to give them a little bit of life. This lipgloss it not sticky at all and lasts for a good 1 or 2 which isnt bad to me. Another shade that i would recommend is natural it is a nice neutral color and goes with any and everything. These are inexpensive and there is a great selection of colors to choose from. I would say that the pigmentation is a 4 out of 5 what you see in the tube thats is usually what you get with exception of few being on the pale side. Please pick some up!!!

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Paula J.

I love it! Great price, product and presentation. It has full coverage and it doesn't get super shiny or sticky! It's the best gloss I ever bought and I surely want to buy other shades!

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Angela s.

I have almost all the colors they offer in this gloss, thats how much I love it lol. The color range they offer is great so everyone can find a color they'd like. They do have a slight scent, but not as powerful as the mega shine ones that to me smell like Juicy Fruit gum. I also feel like these are a little less sticky then those as well. I really like the color pay off these glosses give as well. These are glosses I go to very often. They are also very affordable. So I def recommend going out and trying it.

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Fabianne C.
LOVE them all !!! ♡

I have most of the colors and my favorite color of the lot is Mauve... I get so many compliments I usually wear it over the NYX round lipstick Tea rose :)

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Jenny H.

I have the shade in "Vamp Red" and I gotta say, the color was better than I expected. ^^ Was worried if it will be too dark or brownish but it's the perfect plummy berry red. It has a fruity-like scent but doesn't bother me that much. Even though it's inexpensive, it isn't bad at all! Love this product and NYX. ♡

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Smashley S.
Very nice gloss, but I wish they would change the scent

These are awesome inexpensive glosses, they come in a manageable tube and are adorable to look at. The gloss itself is very thin, not goopy or sticky at all, it's almost an oil base, which is kind of different than what I'm usually used to, but I don't mind. The dealbreaker for me is the smell... I'm not sure if they changed the scent, but it smells like straight up windex out of the bottle. Which is not my cup of tea, and for me, I can still smell it on my lips after I use it... so I can only handle them once in awhile :/

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Tammy J.

I have quite a few of these glosses and I love them, I like to wear them alone or as a lip combo w/ other lip colors/products. My Fave everyday gloss is natural it gives a perfect balance of matte and glossy all in one if that makes sense. I love that it is so affordable too! My local beauty supply sells them for $1.99

Eline F.
Best glosses!

I own ballerina pink, shiny ice and true red. I got these lipglosses for free when I ordered a bunch of NYX products on ebay, and these lipglosses were a really nice surprise! shiny ice is a transparent color with some glitter in it, true red is a really pigmented red color on the darker side, and ballerina pink is a lovely pink color with a lot of shine. They feel really nice on your lips, they moisturise a bit and they do not feel sticky and they smell nice. Recommended! (I attached a swatch foto: from left to right you see shiny ice, true red, ballerina pink, and the color on the far right is cosmo from the mega shine ligloss line)

Maria Y.

Great lipgloss that can be wearn by it self or over a lipstick, it stays on for a while and i use it over a lipstick for the most. And i love the results of it, it is not sticky and applies smoothly. Love it

baybe doll K.

I have 5 different colours and theyy are myy most favourite lipglosses :D honestly these workk relee goood ! the colour ii love the most would be doll pink and ii almost wear nude colour everdayyyy !