Clean Makeup, Normal Skin


Jessica C.

Okay. I used to use this foundation every single day,than i realized it did not give any coverage (in my opinion ) i wanted something that has a light coverage and i felt like this didn't do anything just made my skin look cakey and oily. The smell is disgusting. It looks cakey no matter what i tried sponges,brushes and my fingers. Its an ehh foundation, if you want something that look natural and gives little coverage try the mac face and body foundation its totally worth the price.

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One direction E.
I'm in love

When I bought this product, I was a little iffy. But, when I started using it, I absolutely loved it.!! It has great coverage and dosent smell cakey but very fresh and clean. I recommend totally!

Jessic H.

I really like it, it doesn't make my fave feel heavy and it makes my face look more bright and awake, it doesn't make it oily and it blends right in with my skin tone

Jennifer M.
a little bit goes a long way.

I actually like this foundation, the Coverage is fine. This is the 1st product i ever bought from CoverGirl and im really liking it, I use it every day now. <3 one thing bad about it is the smell.

Brittney D.
Don't use too much.

I love this foundation. It evens out my skin, which can look red at times, but it can feel really heavy if you use a lot. Be sure to only use a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny amount. :)

Tessandra R.
Not Terrible, But Not The Best

I tried this because my mom and sister use it. I personally like full coverage, and this didn't do much in that department. Also I noticed that no matter how little I applied, it still looked caked on, especially on my forehead. Overall, I would say that it's not the worst foundation out there, but it's most definitely not the best.

AlexisClaire E.

It does what it's supposed to, sort of, I've gotten up to a medium coverage by applying it..I kid you not, at least 3/4 times.

It has this minty sort of smell, and a cold "clean" feel so your face and I strongly believe that's the only good thing about it.

If you're looking for that "flawless" skin finish, this is not for you unless you want to have to pack a pound of makeup on your face to achieve that "you're skin is so smooth"..*touches your face* only to discover your face make up on their finger, embarrassing right? Stray! Stray far..far away!

Amelia M.
Wasn't the best

My mom bought this for me a couple months ago. The shade I got (ivory) was way too light for my skin tone. Then a couple days ago I bought it in the beige and it was still to light. It is very hard to find your skin tone with this product. After I applied the foundation, it made my skin oily and greasy. It also made it look cakey no matter how much I applied. It still gave me NO coverage. I'm for sure not spending $8 on this makeup every again!

Emilie L.
not so bad

the smell is a big downer for me . I really didn't think about that when I bought it I sould have pick the one for sensitive skin . but overall the coverage was fine .

Kirbie S.
It Was Okay...

I'd never really bought a foundation from Covergirl before, and this was my first buy! It wasn't really what I was looking for. If you don't have a clear face, then this foundation is not for you! It offers you next to no coverage on your face. But other than that, I don't think my face got too oily with this!