NYX Cosmetics

Girls Round Lip Gloss


Paula J.

I love it! Great price, product and presentation. It has full coverage and it doesn't get super shiny or sticky! It's the best gloss I ever bought and I surely want to buy other shades!

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Tammy J.

I have quite a few of these glosses and I love them, I like to wear them alone or as a lip combo w/ other lip colors/products. My Fave everyday gloss is natural it gives a perfect balance of matte and glossy all in one if that makes sense. I love that it is so affordable too! My local beauty supply sells them for $1.99

Katie P.
Natural and Peach :]

oh I love these! smooth, creamy, and pigmented! so much to choose from and really great colors. I really love putting these over my lipsticks - for shine and moisture. I use 'peach' all the time to brighten up my more softer lipsticks and I get some really pretty colors! and natural is just really beautiful and great for everyday. I use these a lot! will defiantly be getting more!